10 Crafty Questions with Megan Reardon – the Wonder Lady behind Not Martha

Woo! new interviews here on CraftBoom!� ‘10 Crafty Questions with…’ are a little different from our Crafting Heroes Interviews. These interviews are a bit more person orientated and there’s also a fun twist: I ask the interviewee 5 questions and the interviewee makes up another 5 questions to ask themselves. Sound like fun? Yep, I thought so too :) So without further ado I’m sooo delighted to be able to present to you the lovely Megan Reardon writer of the blog we all love to love that is Not Martha and boss lady of The Organized Knitter Hurrah!!!

Megan Reardon


CraftBoom!’s 5 Questions


If you could be any crafter/artist (past or present) for a day who would it be and why
>I would like to be Elsa Schiaparelli for a day, especially around 1927. She lived a remarkable life and didn’t bow to societal pressures. She was a fashion designer who hung out with Surrealists and collaborated with Dali, she was a rival of Chanel. She used innovative knitting techniques and wasn’t afraid to shock anyone. You can read about her on Wikipedia. I went to an exhibit of her clothing and they were things that wouldn’t be out of place in shops today, and almost seemed unremarkable unless you knew what decade they were designed in. This photo exhibit online from the Philadelphia Museum is great if you’d like to get to know her work.


If you had magic powers what 3 things would you do to advance the Crafting Movement?

I would go back in time and make sure Sassy magazine didn’t fall before it’s time.

I would create grants (or just piles of gold coins) for those who put so much work into creating craft shows like Urban Craft Uprising, Bizarre Bazaar and the DIY Trunk Show.

I would create a neverending supply of fabric so that certain styles wouldn’t run out, and I wouldn’t feel the need to hoard fabrics quite so obsessively.

Some things just defy explanation; which means you’ll probably find them hanging around on Megan’s blog.


What are you most skilled at craft wise and what craft skills would you like to be more skilled at?

Having studied it in college, my sewing skills are the strongest (if a bit rusty when it comes to making clothing). I would like to be more skilled at graphic design principles in order to adorn my own work, or print my own fabric Spoonflower or Ink&Spindle. I think knowing more about graphic design would also help me design, or at least make decisions about, my house, garden, and website.

Megan is also pretty handy with the baking too. Will you get a load of that perfect pastry on that pie; why don’t I have neighbors or friends who can do that?


What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

I think it may be the bacon cups, though it was almost accidental. They were created as a result of being invited to a bacon-themed pot luck at the home of a chef and a food writer. I don’t have a lot of aptitude for cooking so I decided, the morning of the pot luck, that if I couldn’t do something that would taste good, I might as well do something that looked dramatic. I had no idea they would be so popular on the interwebs.

Megan’s world famous bacon cups. Drool…only another 2 hours before lunch…


Besides family/friends/home/health what is your most treasured possession?

At this very moment I’m smitten with my iPhone, I feel like I have such freedom to have access to any information I might need or want from wherever I might be. I can look up recipes, yardage for yarn, maps and addresses, and all that stuff I print out but inevitably leave on my desk on the way out of the house. I’m hoping it will make my scattered self run a little more smoothly.


Megan’s 5 Questions


“Megan please choose another 5 questions to ask yourself. So these self chosen questions can be about anything you like. It would be nice if they are somewhat craft related questions, but they don’t have to be; I happen to think things like that “who would you like to share a roller coaster ride with” or “who you would to knit a jumper for” or “your favourite brand of chocolate milk” for example, quite interesting :)

NB: Meg thought it would be a cool idea to ask her Not Martha readers to think up some questions for her to answer:


What do you do when you’re suffering a creative block to unblock?
I find something in my daily life that I would like a solution for but cannot buy. My shoe racks are an example of this. Not only did I end up with a solution for keeping shoes my tight little corner but I found myself wandering around hardware stores completely engrossed in discovering what I could do with things I could find there. This lead to a bunch of other things I wanted to do and suddenly I find myself inspired to work on a bunch of things.

Megan’s stylish DIY designer shoe racks.


What are your fledgling hobbies–as in, what would you be tackling next if suddenly the craft world went boom, yarn disappeared, and uh, food made itself? Are you a closet golfer? Aspiring Toastmaster?
I would love to make video games and study game theory and structure. I grew up playing the Kings Quest games, and credit the early ones with teaching me how to type properly. I really admire Erin Robinson at Livey Ivy, and I’m a fan of Ragnar Tornquist.


Was your business planned, or did it naturally evolve? I mean, did you actively seek out having a business, or did the business find you?
My business, The Organized Knitter grew from not being able to find the type of knitting needle cases and storage that I wanted. Once I had my idea I set out to make it a business. If I could do it again I would wait longer to quit my job until the small business absolutely demanded it, I did a lot of floundering around initially and would have felt more secure if I hadn’t put so much pressure on myself. I wish the books Craft Inc. and The Boss of You had been out when I was starting my business, they would have helped a lot.

Inside view of one of Megan’s crochet cases. Enough organization to bring on a feeling of peace and calm.


What are the crafting tools that you cannot live without?
I cannot live without disappearing markers, the packaging often calls these ìair erasableî. They make it so easy to place something and you don’t have to worry about washing or brushing away chalk later on. I never did like thread tracing. I also really love the Clover fabric eraser, I mark all my sewing and cutting lines in pencil and this does the best job of getting that up out of fabric if I need. It’s pencil shaped as well so it’s easy to keep in with my other marking supplies.


How did turning your hobby into a business change your feelings about it?
Since I spend all day sewing I now considering checking my email to be relaxing. I still enjoy sewing but I’m less likely to think up projects that involve it. I do think I have focused my excess creative energy on knitting and cooking than I would have otherwise.


Thanks so much for the interview Megan. So many of us check-in to Not Martha daily wondering what type of coolness we’ll find, so it’s really nice to know a bit more about the driving force behind such a wonderful site. Wishing you lots of happiness and wishing you luck in your business. I wonder is it possible to Fed-ex Jar Pies to London? :)

I hope you enjoyed that. More of these 10 Crafty Questions are in the pipeline. Look out for them!


  1. says

    YAY about the bacon cups! I have to say I’m a big fan of notmartha, and claim partial responsibility for the popularity of the bacon cups.

    I wrote about them here: http://startcooking.com/blog/395/50-Ways-to-Use-Bacon

    And submitted them to tastespotting:

    Woo hoo! Go notmartha!

    Joyful Abode: Domesticity by Trial and Errors last blog post..Olive Tapenade – Easy recipe and 10 ways to use it!

  2. amanda says

    Okay, Megan — I’ve been reading Not Martha for a long time — at least before your move to Seattle and I had no idea that you had a business. Maybe you should put it on your “About” page? I can think of several people that would love the knitting case for Christmas.


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