15 Quick & Easy Holiday items to sell in your Craft Business.

Yeek! We’re in November already! How did that happen? Was that the most ridiculously fast year or what? By now I expect that lots of you have made some sort of preparations in your craft businesses for the big ho! ho! holiday. Good thing too! What with internet shopping figures going through the roof year on year (for example; in the UK & in the USA) and sites like this urging us to buy handmade, more and more of us are avoiding the nightmare that is the shopping mall or the High St (London, Oxford St is a complete and utter nightmare close to Xmas time!) in favour of shopping online in the comfort of our slippers and a mug of hot choccie (I mean, it only makes sense!)
Well there’s still time to make a little more to sell a little more, and there are always last minute Larry’s and Laura’s who will be looking for a cute Xmas gift way too close to the deadline! So make the most of the opportunity and make some seasonal craft goodness to sell in your shop. I perhaps wouldn’t go all out with the Santas and Xmas trees (do have some, but make less of those rather than more). I think that winter themed products do well becuase they have a longer life. The more use you can get out of an item, the more value it has.

Here’s a list of Christmassey/Winter themed items that won’t take too long to whip up, so they won’t cost as much to make (at least time-wise) and therefore you can sell them for a bit less. Which means they should sell faster YAY! :

  1. Garlands – make them from knitting, felt, wire and bead, sewn, or knotted, or padded fabric, buttons, drift wood, glass, leather etc.etc. folks love handmade garlands, they look so much better than the yukky stuff you can buy in shops, and if they are not too Christmassey they can be left to hang up after the holiday season is over.
  2. Mobiles – see above
  3. Ornaments/decorations – See above
  4. Tree ornaments – see above. if they are not Christmassey, why not suggest to your customers that they can double up as key keepers when the holidays are over.
  5. Candle holders – make them fun and cute, or classy and elegant. Why not sell the candles too (or even offer a free candle) just to make the customer’s life easier.
  6. Bags or purses, or clutches – Well, I have to mention them, because that’s what I’m all about, and the women in my family are all getting handmade bags this Christmas!
  7. Napkin rings, place mats, and seating card holders.
  8. Scented candles, potpourri, ornaments, mini pillows.
  9. Christmas cards/wrapping paper – well that obvious isn’t it! :)
  10. Christmas stockings – see above
  11. Baby bibs, soft toys (be careful to use baby friendly ingredients!), booties, and mittens.
  12. Doggie Jackets – well my dog is getting a new one! Everyone who sees him in his old jacket just melts :)
  13. Scarves, mittens, socks, hats, slippers – so much nicer than getting a dodgy shop bought one by your aunt!
  14. Hair decorations – make something special and sparkley to put in customers hair so they can dazzle at the office party
  15. Brooches/Corsages – see above.

Happy Making! I’d love to hear what Wintery or Christmassy items you are selling/going to sell in your shop :)



  1. says

    I’ll be making ipod socks – a little something extra to go with the christmas present!
    I’m actually going to post a tutorial this evening… :-)

  2. says

    I just ordered a bunch of silver wire to make bookmarks. Fast, pretty, good gift for teachers, nieces, nephews, cousins, moms with bookmark collections. . . This choice was inspired by the crafty daisies bookmark swap.

  3. says

    Great advice and tips!! Got me thinking about a couple of new things to starting designing/working on… 馃槈

    I love the idea of taking something “Christmasy” and making it have more than one purpose! All the pins in my shop right now have a note it the listing that states if a customer wishes, I can add a ribbon to the back so it can double as an ornament. Hopefully someone will take advantage of that… 馃槈

    Thank you again for the excellent post! :)


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