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CraftBoom: I’m New Here & I’d LOVE Your Help!

Hello all you fellow crafters our there!

I am so THRILLED to have joined the Sparkplugging team and in particular, become the contributor of the Craftboom blog. Some may wonder who I am or what might make me an “expert” in the area of craft business. While I don’t consider myself an expert by all means, I have learned some things over the years while marketing both off and online that I would love to share with you through this blog. So I first would like to let you know a little more about my crafting background, and then I’d love to hear more about YOU!

I have always enjoyed crafting. Always. What a great creative outlet it has given me over the years. Then 3 years ago, my sister started the website,

I’ve been with her since day 1 on this site and what started out with just over a dozen ebooks and a handful of authors, has now grown to carrying over 800 ebooks and patterns from over 200 women authors. It has been a tremendous amount of work, but there is just nothing like being in business for yourself and helping other moms out there create and contribute in their artistic endeavors as well.

Then just one year ago this summer, we opened up a brand-new site geared towards those who love to machine embroider. The debut of was just thrilling and I am currently the site manager there.

l LOVE machine embroidery, and if someone gave me a chance to talk about it, I honestly could go on for hours about why I enjoy it so much!

And finally we are getting ready to launch a 3rd site, specifically for all those who love to quilt! Coming April of this year, will make its debut. Exciting times!

Have I mentioned that I also have my own blog at This is where I share a more personal side behind my e-patterns and designs. I also love to share fun ideas of things to do with your children and for your homes.

Phew! So life is busy! But I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than raising 4 wonderful children and loving what I do for my business. I am truly looking forward to getting to know all of you better and helping you find ways to succeed in your craft businesses. It’s a big world out there and the internet makes that big world even more accessible to you and what you have to offer! I’ll share what I know, find out more about what I don’t know, and together we are going to give it all we’ve got!

So go ahead and let me know who you are! Make a comment down below to let me know you’re here! I’ve also put together a VERY BRIEF survey that I would invite you to take a few minutes today to fill out. There are only 5 questions, and by answering these, I know it will really help guide me to write about what you want to learn more of. Click HERE to go directly to the survey. It’s fast. It’s easy. Promise.