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Win a top of the range (very sexy) Epson printer AND a professionally designed custom logo!!

  • NOTE:  contest open to US readers only.  Sorreee!

  • Do you want to be able to print your own business cards, letterhead, brochures and postcards from your own home office?

  • Does your logo need a makeover or do you need a logo for your new business?

  • And do you want to be able to print from anywhere in your house?

Thanks to our Fairy ‘PrintMothers’ at Epson, you can have it all!


Here’s the Prize Package

  • A sexy Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless Multifunctional printer
  • Extra set of full-color ink cartridges
  • Paper, cardstock, business card paper, labels, envelopes and everything else you could possibly need to create a complete set of business collateral.

And to top it all off, Randa Clay from Randa Clay Design is going to give our lucky winner a new logo to plaster all over your new marketing materials!


Here are the shiny new prize goodies:

Epson Workforce 600

Epson Workforce 600

Here’s the Epson WorkForce 600. Mmm very slick design, I’ve seen this in the flesh. Yummy!



Client Service Network Logo from Randa Clay Design

Client Service Network Logo from Randa Clay Design

Reynoldsburg Baptist Church Logo from Randa Clay Design

Reynoldsburg Baptist Church Logo from Randa Clay Design

Zoom Administration Logo from Randa Clay Design

Zoom Administration Logo from Randa Clay Design

Here’s some of Randa’s amazing logo design work. Also yummy!



Entering this contest is easy. Pop over to the Sparkplug CEO blog to see how. Good Luck!


And the winner of a shiny new Craft Website is…

Phew! I was just in time to collect my washing off the line before a downpour, and the moment I’ve taken the last item down the sun breaks through the clouds. Good ol’ summer eh?

Righty, so there were 32 entrants to this very exciting draw to win your very own custom designed website showcase and sell your craft gorgeousness. The Random Number generator stopped on the number 29.

Up for grabs was a custom designed website worth over £300 ($600)!!

So will Sue who said:

“I’d love to be able to be able to look after people buying for their own shops (wholesale queries) and people who’ve found me direct.

Also i take things to craft fairs, so to have an option of having the site on hold for the few hours i am at a fair would be good, it means people online and people in person get to see and enjoy everything i’ve crafted

but most of all i want it to be easy, i want to spend my time being creative making things to sell, and have a lovely beautiful place online to sell them. So my feature request would be that’s it’s lovely, is loveliness a feature i hope so?”

Please contact me either by comment or message and I’ll hook you up with Ed who will weave his magic web designer stuff! Congratulations! :)

Win a custom designed website for your Craft Business!!!!!!!

Oh Boy! This is one heck of a juicy prize. When Ed (the owner of Art Flock) generously offered this prize I had to pick my jaw up off the ground and read his email 3 times over!

Yep, believe your eyes folks; ArtFlock and CraftBoom! have teamed up to bring you a mega draw in which a Craft Business Website is up for grabs!


For art and craft sellers ArtFlock is a very important alternative to Etsy that is seriously worth considering and here are just a few reasons why:

  • FREE to join
  • No listing fees
  • Upload all of your work, not just what’s for sale (great for building portfolios and for commissions)
  • Import your blog to your ArtFlock account for greater exposure
  • List real world locations that sell your work like galleries, shops etc.
  • Commission rates from just 3.5%
  • Create your own flock of followers that love your work

You get all of the above AND you can have YOUR OWN WEBSITE. Have you ever wished you could have your own website AS WELL as your craft shop. Have you ever wished that your craft shop could more truly reflect your own individuality and craft, but you don’t know where to start with the web design, the shopping cart and payment system? Well with ArtFlock you can have all of that flexibility and more with their Website Publisher tool.

The Website Publisher tool from gives you:

  • Your own website at your own domain name
  • Easy to use
  • Commission us to design your theme or pick from our free range of themes
  • One click publish of everything you have on ArtFlock to your own personal website
  • Update and change the look of your site as often as you like
  • Sell work from your own site while still being part of a larger community of buyers
  • Don’t risk loosing potential buyers by sending them to when you can send your customers to
  • Free to use version (text ad supported or ad free version for $19.99 / €14.99 / £9.99 per month)
  • Test drive your own website with the preview tool by signing up for free here
  • See an example site (try playing with the different theme options at the top of the page) here, and also here.


In my opinion ArtFlock looks very well run, professional, and attractive (which is essential as art and craft are so visually driven). Having your own attractive looking website will give you a professional edge and increased exposure. Also being able direct customers to your own website is so important because that way customers will not get lost/confused/distracted in a sea of other vendors.


Draw Details (please read carefully)

OK, so now you know about some of the amazing features that ArtFlock has to offer; here is what is up for grabs for 1 very very lucky winner in our draw:

  • Custom designed theme for their website worth $600. Ed will personally work with the winner to design the website to their liking (wowser, that’s worth it’s weight alone!)
  • 1 year’s free domain name worth $14.99 (they don’t need to renew in the future if they no longer want the site / domain)


To enter all you have to do is comment on THIS PARTICULAR POST by:

  1. Telling with us what sort of features you would like your own Craft Business website to have.


Contest Official-ness :

  1. I’ll randomly draw the winners in 3 weeks time – 2nd July and announce the winner the following day-ish. Good luck!
  2. Winner must have a free account in order to upload their work, statement, blog etc. to their free site. Sign up for FREE here.
  3. Winner will use the free version of the Website Publisher with the option of upgrading to the ad free version.
  4. Sorry I can’t notify winners, so please keep an eye for the winner announcement. This is made easier for you if you subscribe to this blog so you don’t have to keep checking back, although it’s always great to have you pop-in for a read :0)
  5. Sorry I can’t reply to contest/draw comments, but I do love reading every single one :)

And the winner of the Artful Blogging Journal draw is…

I’m so glad that lots and lots of you entered the Artful Blogging draw, it was heartwarming to read your thoughts on why you enjoy blogging.  It was ace to learn about new blogs too.  In your comments you’ve written in black and white why the crafting community is simply one of the best gangs to hang out in.  We’re funny, we shoot from the hip, we’re nimble fingered (most of the time), we’re warm, we’re generous, we’re tenacious (with the family and with the stitch ripper), we’re open,  we’re multi-talented, we’re sensitive and thoughtful (and smart, which goes without saying), we’re curious, we’re glamorous (even though we often have bad hair), we’re girly (but we don’t take any rubbish either), we don’t have issues with eating nice food like cakes and chocolate, we’re sensualists who are damn good at enjoying the moment, I could go on, but it’s nothing you don’t know already :)

Up for grabs was this Artful Blogging Journal.

Anyways, without further ado, there were 50 entries for this draw and the random number picker (so you can’t blame me) stopped on the number 34.

So will Robyn who wrote:

“Hooray! This looks like a *great* magazine. I bet it includes mad tips for being a better blogger! ( I could use a few!)”

Please step forward and drop me an email to claim your prize?

And the winner of the Free Ad spot is….

Thanks everyone for your entries to the Free Ad Spot draw. Today the Random Number Generator chose the number 10.

So that means Melanie who wrote:

“I really should do more marketing…

I use the quality of my service as a marketing tool to existing customers and have two mailing lists (one within eBay, one external) that I send to every now and then, usually with an offer.

I also blog, but with that, basically use the type of products that I sell (vintage Japanese fabrics) and highlight ideas for their use. In the beginning, I tried just to “market”, but it felt false and so now I more so just writing about what I’m doing and what is happening in my life.

I plan on opening a store on Etsy soon, but to be honest, finding the time to devote to quality marketing is something that has been delaying my start on there.”

Wins a free add spot. Congrats!

Melanie please email me and we’ll get your prized sorted out :)

Sorry to those who didn’t get lucky this time, you might be interested to know that another lovely giveaway that I am running is ending tomorrow – you still have time!

Discount advertising on Sparkplugging. Win a FREE Ad space for your Craft Business!

Any regular readers will know how much I go on about the importance of marketing for your craft business.  It’s a shame to make all of your delicious craft items when no one out there knows where to buy them!  But advertising can be on the pricey side (even I try not to pay much for ads).  Well Wendy (the lovely boss lady of Sparkplugging) knows only too well how unhelpful marketing costs can be to a small business so she offering mini prices for ads that appear across the Sparkplugging network.

This is where the ads will appear and they will look like this.

Fancy winning a free spot? Do you like cakes and chocolate – like YEAH!

Wendy is letting me (and other Sparkplugging bloggers) give a spot away as a groovy prize and all you have to do is post a comment to enter:

  1. tell us what you things you do to market your business.

We’ll be picking winners TOMORROW afternoon.  Good luck! :)