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Indie Crafters, Are You Crafting Irresistible Product Names & Descriptions?

In this age of online marketing, the ability to create product names and descriptions could be just as important as the craft itself.

Indie Crafters

Craft Clever Product Names

Create product names and descriptions using adjectives which appeal to the buyers senses.  This creates emotions that will sell more of your crafts. Your product descriptions also need to accurately represent the product and its contents, along with the intended use to the customer.

Craft Unique Descriptions

When writing descriptions, consider what the customer wants. Convey your message with passion using various methods like storytelling or testimonials. The goal here is to create a personal feeling between the customer and your product.

Descriptions should go beyond the standard list of features and ingredients. Highlight what makes your product unique. Tell the customer why your product is better.

Creating  a clever product name and description is only the beginning. Your creative writing skills will also create useful and purposeful content.

Craft Great Content

Think about what your customers are looking for and find out what they are buying. Your descriptions must match the product, yet be original. Avoid becoming just another duplicate listing by creating unique, descriptive content. Make sure your product descriptions are always accurate and make sense to the reader.

Improve your search engine optimization by including a variety of relevant tags and keywords in your product descriptions while still sounding natural. Useful product names will incorporate keywords to allow easy search results for your customers and improve traffic to your product.

Great Examples Of How To Do It Right

RaynasCreate Kids Couture is a clothing pattern company who makes good use of creative writing in their product naming. They give each pattern a girl’s name. This gives each pattern its own personality and creates a more personal relationship between the pattern and the customer. Nothing says fun more than Chloe’s Party Peasant DressRayna’s Retro Romper sounds just right for the upcoming summer months.

Several keywords are added to the pattern names which make it easy for the customer to identify the unique features of each pattern as well as creating improved search results.

Another company who writes beautiful product names is Urban Threads. They use brief but brilliant product descriptions to entice their customers.  With embroidery pattern Dolphin Doodlenames like Light And Shadow Swallows and Dolphin Doodle  they make it fun, yet keep it descriptive to the unique details of each design.

I love their simple yet impactful product descriptions.  With the Summer Bounty, you will “Craft a natural, vintage look with this abundant summer design”.

Crafters who can write as well as they craft are going to put their products at the top of the search results. Once you’ve gotten potential customer’s attention and wow them with the distinctive features, just watch as the sales come rolling in!

Have Fun Creating Loyal And Repeat Customers

So, you’ve started your online craft business. You’ve made product, it’s listed on one of the various online marketplaces or maybe you’ve already started your own webpage. The orders are starting to roll in. What now? Have you thought about how you will package them for shipping and delivery? This video has some fun and easy ways to make your orders stand out from the competition!

Five Less Known Websites For Marketing Your Homemade Crafts

The handmade market is booming! The growing interest in handmade crafts has also driven the need for online marketplaces. While Ebay and Etsy are two of the more commonly known DIY markets, there are many more to choose from - all of them offering a variety of custom features.


Artfire Screenshot

Cool features include the ability to add an Artfire Kiosk to your Facebook page and increased flexibility when designing you Artfire store page.  They have included an Amazon payment option and buyers can add Artfire items to their Amazon Wishlist.

While some sites like Etsy charge per listing, Artfire offers a monthly subscription. This will save you money if your shop has a lot of items for sale.


Folksy Screenshot

Folksy is a British website.  They currently only allow buyers and sellers located in the UK. They regularly feature designers and will mail a weekly gift guide to buyers.

There are useful business tools unique to Folksy, like Google Analytics integration and exporting data to Excel. This simplifies record keeping.

Sellers may choose between an item listing fee or yearly subscription. Either choice offers the same features.


DaWanda Screenshot

Features particular to DaWanda are the ability to create categories for your product and to purchase and print vouchers, similar to gift certificates. They also feature special collections by theme.

DaWanda has no listing fee, but instead charges a 5% commission on all items sold. They also charge an extra fee for listing any item in a second category.


Zibbet Screenshot

Zibbet makes importing from Artfire and Etsy available.  They offer business cards and up to 50 listings free of charge. You can link your worldwide domain name so that when customers click on your website, they will be automatically sent to your Zibbet page.

With a monthly or yearly subscription fee, you can also customize your store page, use their Facebook app, create multiple listings, offer coupons, and receive sale and gift exposure.


Supermarket Screenshot

Supermarket is quite different than most other handmade marketing websites. They refer to themselves as a “curated collection of awesome design products”.

A designer interested in selling with Supermarket, must send them information describing who they are and what they  make, including photos. Supermarket will use this information to select their designers. Once chosen, designers are charged a commission every thirty days.

Choosing Your Marketing Website

These are only five of many websites to market your crafts. Go to each website and take a look around. Read about their features and fees. Each one offers advantages to help you grow and become a successful DIY business. With the right information, you can choose a website to market your handmade crafts that will best fit your needs and goals.

Summer Marketing, Part 1

scissorsI am writing this in the middle of May. Believe it or not, there are less than two weeks until Memorial Day – the “official” kick-off to Summer 2013!

Here are some ideas to help you market your biz during the next few months:

Father’s Day -Father’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have any products that are targeted towards men? If not, can you create a limited edition product for Father’s Day? Try putting a masculine touch on your items by changing a color scheme or adding a few “retro” touches to one of your current products. But remember — many of the people who buy Father’s Day gifts are mothers, so you have to reach out to the mom market!

Americana – Have you been to any stores lately? They are already filled with red, white, and blue stuff. Americana-inspired items will remain popular throughout June and early July. Do you have anything that fits that description? Can you add some stars or stripes to something? If not, you can just borrow that lingo for your sale. You can have a “Stars & Stripes” sale without having any products that literally have stars and stripes on them!

Graduations – This is also the time of year when people are celebrating graduations.  Graduates fall into all age categories – from children “graduating” kindergarten or elementary school to teens graduating high school and adults of all ages graduating college. Many types of businesses can benefit from this using this theme. Do you make invitations? Try incorporating all types of graduations into your business. Do you make cool pillows or blankets? Market them as “dorm room staples.” Do you make planners? Market them as the must have accessory for young professionals starting their first post-college job. The ideas are endless!


This is part 1 of a 2 part post —For more marketing ideas, click here to read part 2


How To Get More Publicity For Your Craft Business

news-girl copyDo you want more publicity for your business? I’m sure you answered “YES” to that question (I don’t know many people who would say “No thanks!)

The following is an excerpt from a post that I wrote on my main site:

“Every business needs more publicity, and that includes your business! “Publicity” is a pretty broad term, but basically, it means getting featured in the media.

This can be a traditional media outlet, such as a newspaper, or it could mean being featured in a blog post (which is part of the “new media.”)

Here are some tips on how you can start getting more publicity:

Write Guest Posts – A very simple way to start building some buzz for your biz is to write guest post on other people’s blogs.

Work With Bloggers – You can also work with bloggers by sending them items to review and / or giveaway on their blogs. Be cautious about this, though – you don’t want to….”

Click Here To Read The Full Post 

Traffic Tip – Article Marketing

Getting traffic to your site doesn’t have to be super complicated. One easy – and free – idea to try is Article Marketing. There are many article reprint directories on the web (just Google that term and you’ll see there are tons!). Website owners and bloggers visit these sites daily to grab pre-written articles for their sites and blogs.

When you submit an article to these sites, you are giving permission for others to post it on their site, for free. As a “thank you,” these site owners will include your author bio and your link. You’d be surprised by how much traffic can come to your site from these articles!

Let’s say that you submit 10 articles and they each get published three times, and that 25 people view each page they’re published on.  That comes out to 750 new people reading your article and possibly clicking on the link to your website. Now, let’s say each of your articles are published 10 times and that 100 people see each page it’s published on…. Well, that’s 10,000 views and possible clicks.

To be effective, keep your articles related to subjects that match your website. Since the person reading the article is already interested in the article’s subject, they’ll be more likely to visit your website if your website’s topic is on key with the article topic.

For example, if you make handmade soap, you could write an article on why organic ingredients are better for your skin or an article on the toxins found in grocery store brand soaps. At the end of the article, your bio will be displayed and the person reading it will see that you make natural soaps and will be so intrigued by your article, they will want to click that link!

Some of my favorites reprint directories include Ezine Articles and Lady Pens.