Fabulous links & books for your Craft Business

The best thing you can do for your Craft Business (and any other business) before you make a single thing to sell is to do some research (and to keep on researching during the lifetime of your business).

Fore-warned is fore-armed. Do your research and you’ll stay one step ahead.

Here are some excellent web resources for your Craft Business. Bookmark, read, and enjoy:

Here are some useful Craft Business, & Working from Home books (all have good reviews) :


If you have any more resources that you think should be added to this list please put them in your comments and I will add them to the list with a linked credit to you :)


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    Fantastic informative post, as ever! And you’ve put together a great resource here. I have a lot of reading to do now! First on my list is ’94 ways to keep kids busy’ :)

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    Thanks for all these links!! I second the recommendation for Emily Rohm’s labels; I just purchased a set of the sew-in type and cannot sing their praises enough!! :)

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    Oh Lisa! Once again, you’re my hero! I can’t tell you how many hours you’ve just saved me with the first two links alone.

    I’ve been looking for good sew-in labels and have not been happy with the quotes I’ve been getting. I’ve also been looking for a new email list management system (not happy with the one I’m using).

    A really big cyber hug and kiss to you!

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    Thanks for the mention Lisa! This is a great site. I’m happy to give your readers a discount, as well as you too. Email janineatverticalresponsedotcom.

    Janine Popick – CEO

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    Thank-you for this helpful list of links. I think some of these can be used by all work-at-home moms, not just crafters.

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    Wow! You must have read my mind on this one because I was just thinking with all of my preschoolers starting school next year I really need to get on the ball and start organizing my time better and developing my product (only two days a week for the twins but that’s 6 hours of “alone” time that I have missed out on for 4 years – yes, I adore them but 6 hours of alone time – YIPPEE!). Now you’ve saved me some research. THANKS!

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    Being in advertising and marketing myself, these are all excellent reads. I am going to forward a lot of these to my friends who are thinking of striking out on their own.


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