Indie Crafters, Are You Crafting Irresistible Product Names & Descriptions?

In this age of online marketing, the ability to create product names and descriptions could be just as important as the craft itself.

Indie Crafters

Craft Clever Product Names

Create product names and descriptions using adjectives which appeal to the buyers senses.  This creates emotions that will sell more of your crafts. Your product descriptions also need to accurately represent the product and its contents, along with the intended use to the customer.

Craft Unique Descriptions

When writing descriptions, consider what the customer wants. Convey your message with passion using various methods like storytelling or testimonials. The goal here is to create a personal feeling between the customer and your product.

Descriptions should go beyond the standard list of features and ingredients. Highlight what makes your product unique. Tell the customer why your product is better.

Creating  a clever product name and description is only the beginning. Your creative writing skills will also create useful and purposeful content.

Craft Great Content

Think about what your customers are looking for and find out what they are buying. Your descriptions must match the product, yet be original. Avoid becoming just another duplicate listing by creating unique, descriptive content. Make sure your product descriptions are always accurate and make sense to the reader.

Improve your search engine optimization by including a variety of relevant tags and keywords in your product descriptions while still sounding natural. Useful product names will incorporate keywords to allow easy search results for your customers and improve traffic to your product.

Great Examples Of How To Do It Right

RaynasCreate Kids Couture is a clothing pattern company who makes good use of creative writing in their product naming. They give each pattern a girl’s name. This gives each pattern its own personality and creates a more personal relationship between the pattern and the customer. Nothing says fun more than Chloe’s Party Peasant DressRayna’s Retro Romper sounds just right for the upcoming summer months.

Several keywords are added to the pattern names which make it easy for the customer to identify the unique features of each pattern as well as creating improved search results.

Another company who writes beautiful product names is Urban Threads. They use brief but brilliant product descriptions to entice their customers.  With embroidery pattern Dolphin Doodlenames like Light And Shadow Swallows and Dolphin Doodle  they make it fun, yet keep it descriptive to the unique details of each design.

I love their simple yet impactful product descriptions.  With the Summer Bounty, you will “Craft a natural, vintage look with this abundant summer design”.

Crafters who can write as well as they craft are going to put their products at the top of the search results. Once you’ve gotten potential customer’s attention and wow them with the distinctive features, just watch as the sales come rolling in!


  1. says

    This is fascinating. I have never thought about this way. But when you do and sit back and think of the many branding possibilities it is amazing. Well done…..only problem it has got my mind going into overdrive lol
    Andrew Milburn recently posted..Sourcing Does Take WorkMy Profile

  2. rozzie says

    Great article..just wish we all had this creative wording gene.. :( but thanks for the encourgagement.. i got my thesaurous by the puter just in case. :)

  3. says

    You are so right, product names and
    descriptions are so important! I struggle every time I have to come up with a product name and description for my Etsy shop. Catchy names can be good (it’s what I always used to strive for), but they do say to beware of that on Etsy. When people do general searches for things you want their search to bring them to your product. On sites as large as Etsy the competition is enormous so getting found is half the battle. But if you have your own shop/site, however, I would imagine that that caveat no longer applies. Then you can let your imagination run wild as you conjure up creative and beautiful product names and interesting descriptions that draw the customer in!
    kathleen ashton recently posted..Antler DecorMy Profile

  4. says

    What wonderful tips and reminders, Lana! Its so important to have standout descriptors to make your products pop!

    Not only is this so important for crafters, but for entrepreneurs of all stripes! I’m a coach, for instance, and it’s just as relevant for me when crafting (pun intended) product and service descriptions to attract ideal clients and customers!

    Thanks ever so much.
    Kim Loftis recently posted..Is Your Spiritual Practice Simply Not Working for You? This May Be Why…My Profile

  5. says

    Great thoughts, and it really is true. It’s the simple and catchy things that seem to stick out in the mind forever. As I was reading this I couldn’t help but think of two of my childhood favorites – slinky and weeble wobbles, both of which were cleverly marketed with a simple slogan that kids could remember.
    Rachel Young recently posted..Are You Listbuilding?My Profile

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