Ten Uniquely Original Halloween Costumes Offered By Etsy Crafters

cbhalloween400Halloween is a perfect DIY holiday.

There are so many ways to express your creativity – with decorations, costumes, food, and more.

In this post, I’ll give you the links to ten very unique and original costumes offered by Etsy sellers.


#1. Do you have a new baby girl in your life? I think this Cabbage Patch Kid costume from HeadCandy1 is adorable!

#2. This cute gnome costume from The Wishing Elephant is perfect for a toddler boy.

#3.  An elementary school aged girl would look super cute in this sparkling witch costume from PoshPinksTutu.

#4.  An elementary school aged boy would love this superhero costume from SuperKidCapes.

#5. As an adult, you can channel your inner Mad Men character and find something vintage, like this dress, from GoGoVintage.

#6. If your husband / boyfriend has a classic suit, then he might just need a few accessories, like these glasses to match your 60s costume.

#7. If you never let go of your dream of becoming a Disney Princess, this Snow White costume from FruFruAndFeathers will bring a smile to your face.

We don’t want to forget the pets in your life.


#8. If you grew up playing Mario Brothers on Nintendo, you’ll appreciate this Luigi costume for your dog (from YoungUrbanPuppy).

#9. I like this Thanksgiving Turkey costume (iheartneedlework) for a cat (but I know my cat would never let me put it on her).

#10.  My absolute favorite is this graduation costume from PetDogTrainer. I wish I had seen it back when I had a bulldog!


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