The Face Behind the Graphics Fairy

Graphics-Fairy-ButtonblacksmallIf you’re a crafter, odds are you’ve heard of The Graphics Fairy blog.  But how much do you really know about what goes on behind the scenes there?

The Graphics Fairy is a free, online resource for vintage, one-of-a-kind graphic images, as well as inspiration for an unending number of graphic transfer projects.  These projects run the gamut from ones you might create for yourself and for your home to projects you can create for resale.  Either way, the blog is an invaluable resource for crafters looking for just the right image to finish off their project.

Say Hello to Karen

graphics fairy bio pic karen watsonThe person behind The Graphics Fairy is none other than Karen Watson. 

A self-professed lover of all things vintage from a very young age, Karen has managed to turn her love of vintage images into a thriving online community where she shares two new vintage clipart selections daily, adding to her already bursting-at-the-seams library of 4,ooo-plus vintage images.  Her blog has become so popular as a go-to website for crafters and home décor DIY-er’s that she ultimately created a sister blog, The Graphics Fairy DIY Projects for the Home. The sister blog is a place where Karen can share more transfer ideas and feature her readers’ projects as well.  These candle wraps are a recent example of a reader-featured project using Karen’s vintage graphics.

graphicsfairy candles

In today’s world, Karen’s approach is truly a refreshing one. Her goal, simply stated, is to share what she loves doing with others.  According to Karen, “I want [the blogs] to be more of a community, where people can hang out, get ideas and inspiration from each other, and get their creative juices flowing!” 

She’s even gone so far as to institute “Brag Monday”, where once a week a different reader project is featured on the blog.  Over 150 readers’ projects have been featured thus far. They include painted furniture, pillows, and paper products such as this recently featured greeting card.   


The fact that she has over 33,000 Facebook fans and more than 40,000 Pinterest followers is a testament to Karen’s incredible contribution to the crafting world.  Karen’s friend and colleague, Donna, of the acclaimed Funky Junk Interiors, recently got to spend some one-on-one time with Karen.  According to Donna, all you have to do is look around Karen’s home to appreciate all her talents. “I loved studying her graphics studio, where I could see for myself the love and devotion she puts into her work.  From having a true blue knack for staging a home that is beautiful but also meant to be lived in, right down to how carefully she selects her vintage inspiration, getting behind the soul of the Graphics Fairy was a gift in itself!”  

Tutorials and Images Galore

GraphicsfairytransfermethodsAnother example of Karen’s generosity when it comes to how-to’s is her readily shared instructions for image transfer methods, of which there are many.  After you’ve downloaded your image, be sure to check out her post entitled “12 Easy Image Transfer Methods” before going any further.  Just click on the image to the right to take you there.  It’s a great resource for both first-timers and seasoned image transfer crafters. 

If you’re interested in finding a specific image for a project, you can search The Graphics Fairy by category (of which there are currently 94) ranging in scope from “Angels and Fairies” to ‘Vintage Numbers Clipart” to “Weddings.”   Some of the most popular images fall into the holiday category such as Easter, Valentine’s, Halloween and Christmas. Other favorites, some of which are shown below, include vintage labels, typography, French ephemera (my favorite) and sheet music. 

GraphicsFairy wine sign


graphicsfairy bee cupboard-1




What’s Next?

Who knows what’s next for Karen a/k/a The Graphics Fairy?  As Karen states, “I’m finding that as a blogger, you never know where you might be heading next.  Things change constantly and you have to be prepared to keep up with all of it.  Also, surprising opportunities sometimes show up in your inbox, and that can take you in a whole different direction.”  I can’t wait to see what new and different opportunities present themselves to Karen in the future.  But for now, both The Graphics Fairy and The Graphics Fairy DIY Projects for the Home are chock-full of ideas and tutorials for unique vintage graphic image transfers.  And with Karen’s help, the possibilities truly are endless.

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Kathleen Ashton is a vintage jewelry artist and thrifty home decor DIY-er. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and three kids.


  1. Debora Humphries says

    I love her graphics section, french typography and I really love her DIY Tutorial section.

    This is such a cool blog. I can’t wait to share this with my mother-n-law. She loves this stuff.

    Thanks for sharing Karen’s site with us.

  2. Kathleen Ashton says

    I’m a vintage fanatic myself and I’ve used her graphics on so many of my favorite projects. You really can’t go wrong with her images! Good luck!

  3. Kathleen Ashton says

    You should go for it! She makes it easy to download and gives great tutorials!

  4. says

    Love her designs and I especially love how she took her ideas and passion and made them into something bigger. Would love to have some of the items shown in my house. I will have to see how much effort some of them take to DIY.
    Robin Smith recently posted..So What Is Your Goal?My Profile

  5. says

    What a great article! Karen, is such a kind person to share her graphics with all of us! I couldn’t have completed many of my projects without her awesome graphics!

  6. Lana Elfstrom says

    What a fabulous service Karen is providing! I loved the sample of crafts and graphics you shared with this post and I can’t wait browse all of her crafts and I know I am going to start collecting her graphics! Eeek! What shall I try first?! I just can’t get over all of the free things she offers. She is so impressive!

  7. says

    Kathleen thanks for the most interesting post on Karen and her blog and website. Her ideas are so cool and I loved the pics. I saw that you mentioned sheet music, so as a guitar nut I am going to check those out.
    I found Karen’s approach very thought provoking with their being some lessons to be learned as to how to approach blogging.
    Thanks for the post. I am going to the links to Karen right now.

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