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This last week I have been trying to learn about creating and sending email newsletters for my shop because: I should have started doing them ages ago, I have actually had loads of customers ask me for one and I am working on a few exciting new product launches that I want to tell lots of folks about.

I have chosen to go with Vertical Response to handle my email newsletter campaigns because the founder Janine seems like a nice and helpful lady, the pricing is competitive and the site (so far) is approachable, informative and not too hard to get to grips with (I am after all a newsletter dummy).

So now I am putting the finishing touches to my first newsletter (created with the help of their simple to use wizard) and I have a cool (and rather bright) join-up widget at the top my U-Handbag blog. Hopefully folks will sign-up :)


Here are some suggestions for writing newsletters that folks will be happy to get in their Inbox:

  • Include members only discounts or freebies.
  • Include sneak peaks at product launches (with maybe special discounts for early bird buyers).
  • How about some simple tutorials?
  • Spotlights on your customers. Do you have pics of customers wearing/using your crafty goodness?
  • Members only competitions.
  • Members only discounts for other shops (that you have links with).
  • Provide upcoming dates of shows, sales, competitions, etc.


Do any of you use newsletters to keep in touch with your customers? How are they working out for you?



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    I also signed up with Vertical Response a few months ago. I sent out my first email to my customer list and the response was great. At my show last weekend, many customers commented on receiving an email from me and how much they appreciated it. I offered a giveaway through the email to encourage customers to visit my blog and etsy shop. It’s a great marketing tool.

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    I create newsletters for my clients. I use Constant Contact (cheap and dummy proof).

    My suggestions are include an article on your industry (can be one of your blog posts), interviews or news on your company, links to your site and blog, and a special offer, like you said.

    Also only send them Tues-Thurs in the a.m. to get the best open rate!

    Susan Payton, The Marketing Eggsperts last blog post..The Death of a Franchise: 5 Lessons Learned

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    I have a mailing list but have to confess to not making the most of it. Once I’m working in my business full-time I do plan to use it more and it’s great to have the numbers there.

    I’ve mostly used it to either hold mailing list exclusive sales or let them know about a sale that I’m having. I’ve always had a good response in those times.

    I’ve just signed up to your mailing list too :)

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    I’ve had ‘do a newsletter’ on my ‘To Do’ list for the past year, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet! All these ideas are fab though Lisa, so I’ll definitely get on to it in time for the launch of my new website in February! As Julie said – it should be a great marketing tool to get people onto my new site! xx

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    I’ve also been using Vertical Response for several months. I like that reports allow you to see if people unsubscribed, opened or clicked on links and which links they clicked on. I haven’t yet seen any rewards from having a newsletter. In my last one I added all my past Etsy customers and apologized for adding them and let them know they could easily unsubscribe. No one has unsubscribe yet, so that’s a good sign.

    Laura Buccis last blog post..Felted Flower Pin in red and orange (pin no. 81)

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    I’ve been doing newsletters for my blogs for a while. I mainly do monthly or weekly articles and tips and also include special offers with each issue so that subscribers get something useful along with a sales pitch from me.

    I used to use Constant Contact, but since I have more than one newsletter, I use a program installed on my website called OEMpro. It works beautfully!

    Nicolette Tallmadges last blog post..Craft Resources: Two Business Resources for Artists and Crafters


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