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    I wish all of my clients could see this! It really drives home how frustrating it is when people think that freelancers somehow aren’t “real” businesses. I also think it’s a lesson for freelancers not to allow themselves to be pressured into accepting less than they’re worth. Next time you’re tempted to accept an inadequate fee, remember the hairdresser!

  2. Tamara Berry says

    My husband wants to know where the one about the client who will pay as soon as he/she gets paid is.

    I can see it now: “I’d be happy to pay for these books, just as soon as my paycheck comes in. I’ll just take them home with me now. I promise to come back when there’s money in my bank account.”

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    I’ve seen this video all over the web now, and I agree that it’s funny. But on the other hand it’s quite sad. In addition to freelance, I work in a more “traditional” job for a manufacturing company, and this has become standard operating procedure. Companies order from us and want to pay in 60 or 90 or 120 days. Yes, that’s four months! Nevermind that we have to pay our suppliers in 15 days. And customers are increasingly going to a consignment based pay system, where we ship them product, but they don’t pay for it until they actually use it. Maybe tomorrow, maybe at the end of the year. Just another way business is changing, and we–freelancers or not–have to figure out how to adapt if we want to survive.

    Cindy Bidars last blog post..All About Anchor Text

  4. says

    I love it!

    I had a convo with a design client recently and he was flabbergasted that I expected 100% payment up front before we would start his project. He’s used to being able to get work without a serious commitment.

    I told him plainly that I reserved the right to run my business my way as opposed to ‘the way others do it’ and you know what? He paid!

    Kelly McCauseys last blog post..Legal Resources for Home Business Owners

  5. Tammy says

    I am so glad to see something like this and know other freelancers have had these lines laid on them. I loved it. Thanks. And, I agree with Michelle – I think I might just start referring potential clients to this video prior to working on the agreement.

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