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As a side note, I’m a big fan of Sparkplugging. Wendy, Kelly, and the rest of the team provide immense value to the small business community and I’ve learned a lot from watching them and working with them as a Sparkplugging Intern. [Read more...]

Making Local Search Work Harder For Your Small Business


Most Sparkplugging readers are…well, small.  Call it consultant, micro-business, or whatever you like.  Freelancers are small businesses that can benefit from a very small amount of business.  Today I’d like to show you how to snag some highly targeted web traffic that will get you some great business – and it’s something you should be able to accomplish by yourself within a few hours.

My last post was on getting yourself added to the Google Local Business Directory.  Today I want to focus on how to expand that local presence.

What you’ll need:

  • A website.
  • Access to your website’s code, or at least the back end visual editor.  If you don’t make any changes to your website, you’ll need the person who makes those changes.
  • Internet Access

Most freelancers work in competitive niches like writing, real estate, or consulting of some sort.  For this example I want to use the real estate industry to show how you can find buyers. [Read more...]

How to Show Up in the Google Local Business Directory

Someone once said, “all search is local.”  In most cases, whenever someone goes online to look for something, they are looking for a local service or product from a company that they (hopefully)  recognize.  To that end, Google has created the Local Business Directory.  You’ve probably seen in action.  Do a search for a service and add a geotag – the name of a city or a zip code – and you’ll see a little map show up with some listings next to it.


Google has recently made some changes to the interface of their local business directory that will allow you to take full advantage of local search.  Let’s take a look at how you can make it work for you. [Read more...]

How to Conduct a Website Self-Evaluation


My wife now knows not to ask me “Have you seen that web site?” since my response the majority of the time is usually similar to “It’s terrible”.

Here’s my problem: I started coding HTML right around the same time it became a standard. I gamed Google successfully when they were just starting out (I’ve since learned a much more honest approach to SEO). I happily switched from tables to CSS ages ago. I’ve studied usability and web analytics just as long. So I have a bit of a bias.

So what is a small or independent business owner to do? I’ll give you my top tips to conduct a site self-evaluation.


If your site is not easy to use, the people who are willing to stick around are going to become frustrated. People I work with frequently complain that all web sites start to look the same, it’s because there is an expected standard of usability that makes them appear similar. Most consumers expect navigation to be either across the top or down the left. [Read more...]

But It’s Not Google: It’s Bing


Bing has been all over the news since Microsoft announced its launch last week.  They’ve also done quite the commercial blitz.  Rumor has it that Microsoft has earmarked more than $80 Million for marketing their new search engine.

As a small business owner or freelancer, why should you care?

That’s a pretty tough question.

Google has made itself hella useful for business.  Since getting your company’s website to show up on the Google search results means more business for you, business owners love Google.  Can getting your website to show up on Bing help your business? [Read more...]

Web Design Affiliates Wanted For Affordable Web Design Program

There are millions of small and growing businesses around the world. Only 1/3 of them are on the web. The rest believe that it’s too expensive or it’s too difficult to get online.

Every business must have their own web presence to compete in todays economy.

A website is simply an electronic brochure that helps your customers do their homework on you before they buy from you. All of your details, hours of operation, products, services and more are listed on this online brochure. As a result, well informed customers trust more and therefore they buy more. recognizes this and has launched a program to help small businesses gain access to affordable web design with first class support to get their website launched.  Starting at $50 for set up and hands on live help, any new or growing company can get their website launched in a matter of days. If you simply want to do it yourself, you can take advantage of the 10 day free trial, $0 cost set up and build your own website with free email and phone support.

With every website built by the team, they give you access to a growing marketing library of  videos, audios, free eBooks and more in their Discovery Center. You can learn about local marketing, facebook marketing, twitter, Link wheeling, local search submission, Pay Per Click tips and so much more.

In addition, they offer you a free wordpress blog site hosted on their server as part of the monthly cost. It’s like getting two websites for the price of one. You can use the blog to link to and drive traffic back to your primary business or use it as a secondary site for another business. Either way, the benefits of having a blog on the system means you get the biggest bang for your web design bucks.

In order to get the word out, has launched an affiliate and reseller program that pays commission to the marketers that join their FREE program and send new clients!

Join Their Free Affiliate Program

This is a program that anyone can do part time from the comfort of their own home or office.

Working at home is the goal of many people in today’s economy.  Part time of full time income is need to help fight against the rising cost of inflation. “I want to help change as many lives financially as I can”.. Said creator Gene Culver. “I live to put money in other marketers pockets and I will do anything I can to help them succeed”. He adds… “Success is a team sport”.

The perfect partners for this program are business consultants, graphic designers and high traffic sites that are interesting in putting links on their site that return real recognizable revenue on a weekly basis. This program pays weekly!

The goal is to offer affordable web design and provide a respectable commission to affiliates that refer new clients.

They also have a reseller program:

The reseller program is more of a partnership and it allows the marketing reps to use as the upstream provider for their front-line business. The reseller sets the price and becomes the primary contact for the design clients. supports the sale as part of the resellers team to assure that everything is quoted properly,  designed to specifications and installed on time and on budget!

This win/win solution works for the customer, marketer and

Take a look around and add it to your list of great products today!

FREE Google Pay Per Click Training to help you market your website

There are quite a few ways to gain new traffic to your website. Google Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the fastest ways to gain immediate targeted traffic for your site. It’s also the fastest way to drain your bank account if you don’t set it up correctly. Don’t make that mistake.

When you set up and run your account incorrectly, you actually pay a “TAX”. No, it’s not paid to the government! It’s paid to Google. The phrases has been coined by the PPC experts as “Stupidity Tax”. What you don’t know will cost you extra  money when it comes to running your own Pay Per Click campaign. View this video below as I demonstrate the results of one my clients and then register for the free Google Pay Per Click training to help you market your website. Limited seating available so sign up quickly.  Register Here

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