Pinterest Tips for Business

Pinterest Tips for BusinessPinterest is reported to have over 70 million users and has surpassed email as one of the top sharing platforms online according to Share This.  It’s no wonder why so may businesses are riding the wave of Pinterest. With these stats, I became curious as to what made this channel so darn powerful. So, after getting past the learning curve, I went on a hunt to figure some things out. If you still don’t get what Pinterest is all about take a look at this cute and short video  (less than 2 minutes) to gain some understanding on how it works.

For businesses, Pinterest is a great tool because you can share content by way of appealing images, graphics, pictures etc. that can ultimately increase your sales. Since many people absorb better through visuals, the growth of Pinterest is  expected to continue to stay on the rise.

So, in light of this predicted growth, I set out to research the most recent and popular articles online related to Pinterest in an effort to gain some understanding. Learning some Pinterest tips for business will improve my overall interaction level on this platform through the use of methods and tools in order to bring more visitors to my websites. Here’s what I found:

Copyblogger's Pinterest WorksDoes Pinterest convert? According to Copyblogger’s Pinterest Works article, heck yeah and they have proof to show it. Copyblogger is considered one of the pioneers of blogging so when they have something to say, I usually listen. I enjoyed this article because I was a skeptic myself on the power of Pinterest for business. Delineated in it is some social proof of how this amazing tool drives thousands of referral traffic to a couple of online publishers. It also offers a simple step-by-step process on how you can use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website. Copplyblogger debunks the the Pinterest naysayers.

Smart Strategies for PinterestNeed more proof? Here it is. This blogger shrugged Pinterest off because she thought her “marketing” and “tech” themes weren’t visually enticing enough to use Pinterest. Therefore, she embarked on a research bend and now Pinterst is her second top referral source for social traffic. She offers 40+ strategies to drive more traffic.

Optimize your imagesHow do you optimize your images for more traffic? This is one of my favorites because Cynthia Sanchez offers a video on how to do this exactly through the use keyword rich descriptions to help your pins be found. She also offers a podcast that may be helpful.


Hashtags for PinterestHow are Hashtags used? Hashtags are profusely used in in many social marketing platforms. Hashtags use on Pinterest, as per this article, is used differently than on twitter. If you want to learn to use of Hashtags for Pinterest for better search results, this resource offers 7 tips.

Must follow Pinterest BoardsIf what you’ve heard is that Pinterst is mostly a social media platform for recipes, arts & crafts and shoes well, here is a list of 15 bloggers using Pinterest for their blogging efforts. From SEO to Internet Marketing and social media pinboards, take a look at how these bloggers use Pinterest. It will give you a some ideas on how to combine blogging and Pinterest in creative ways.

Tools for PinterestWant to know what the best tools are to heighten the efficiency of Pinterest for your business? Here are 9 tools shared in this article by Business 2 Community that can help you make the best of your Pinterest pinboards. From Pinterest analytics to creating an online store on Pinterest you’ll be able to find at least one item on the list that you’ll be able to put to use right away.
Tricks for Pinterest

Besides tools, learn some Pinterest tricks that all bloggers should consider – 7 to be exact. In this article, Hello Society dishes out some cool tricks that can catapult your blogging and put you on the  Pinterest map. Up until know, I have just been posting my social friendly images attached to my blog content all over social media but with this article, I learned to not only have an exclusive blogging content pinboard but also exclusive images for Pinterst. This entices people to keep coming back for more so you can continue to optimize this avenue further in your marketing. There are also examples of blog content boards that just got my creative juices flowing all over the place.

Pinterest PlacesIn November of 2013, Pinterest introduced Place Pins which as per Pinterest, combines the imgery of a travel magazine with an online map. Social Media Examiner shows you 6 ways in which you can promote your business with this new feature. It also has a tutorial on how to create a Place Board.




Do Homepreneurs Need a Game Plan in Social Media?

Welcome to Spark Bits Weekly where I ask a panel of homeprenuers a blazing question about running and growing their business from home.socialpost.png

Today’s Q is:

In the ever-changing landscape of social media, what strategies and networks do you find are working best for growing your home-based business?

Stephanie L. Watson from Barry Publishing says:

Social Media for HomepreneursI have found that the very best social media strategy for growing my business is to use all the social media of which I am a part to share information, blog posts, articles, and products that are based on my website or blog.

In other words, everything I post on social media should “technically” go back to my website. I don’t always accomplish that, because face it; social media is a huge distraction. But, it’s the goal and the best way to use social media to promote my business.  (Where did 2 hours go?)

IMO, the entire point of social media marketing is to help me get traffic to my products and services — not get likes, followers, and friends on social media — although that is nice too. I just have to be very careful and limit my time on social media so that I am not too distracted.

Reba Collins from PLR One Stop says:

Social Media for HomepreneursSocial media is tough for me. Since I still work a fulltime job, there’s just not much time left to spend cultivating relationships on social media sites. I have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest but I only give my time to Facebook and even then, it’s limited. Because of my time constraints, I use social media to advertise in order to build my list instead of depending on it for organic growth. Currently I only use Facebook ads and I pay close attention to how they perform. Each week I try to tweak my ad a little to get better and better conversion rates. I’m still not where I want to be with the conversion but it’s much better than it was when I first started.  Practice and testing makes perfect!

Brenda Trott from Done4UMedia Marketing says:

Social Media for HomepreneursOne of the on-going conversations I have with my clients is that if they want to be FOUND on-line, they need to BE on-line. Sometimes, though, we forget to take our own advice! That happened to me when someone noticed that I offer all of these done-4-u services to get others found on-line, but I didn’t do it for myself.

They challenged me to do it for myself for 30 days. I only lasted 15, but the results were fantastic. Here is how you can do it too:

  1. Write one blog post on your own website every day.
  2. Create one additional piece of content a day…a mini podcast, an article for an article directory, a video, or a guest blog post.
  3. Syndicate what you’ve created. I use Onlywire to syndicate my material and also selectively share content to groups I belong to on LinkedIn and other networking sites where my clients hang out.

Once you get the hang of it, it takes less than an hour to create your content and syndicate it.

Jessica Lee from Psychic Readings Guide says:

Social Media for HomepreneursWithout a doubt, the best social network for me has been Facebook.  Not only am I able to bring traffic to my site when I post articles to my Facebook page, I have also built some wonderful relationships with clients and other people in my niche.

I can’t necessarily say that I have a strategy other than being myself.  I make sure to take the time to read each and every comment that is left on my page and interact with the people who follow the page. The experience has been overwhelmingly positive and, even with over 6,000 followers, I feel as though it is an intimate enough setting to get to know people.  I love to post questions on my page and it’s come to the point that, when I post a question, I’ll think to myself, “I wonder what _____” will say about this.  I love it!  It’s like an extended family.

Last year, before I started getting a lot of traffic to my site, I gained many new clients through Facebook.  People got to feel that they knew me and could trust me.  It’s been a great experience and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the depth of some of the connections I’ve made.  This year, I’ve started connecting with other “soulpreneurs” on Facebook and that is really enjoyable as well!

I set up a Twitter account last month and plan to set up Google+ next month.  To be honest though, I’m glad that I’ve spent an entire year focusing solely on Facebook because it’s given me a good, firm foundation in social networking with a fantastic tribe of people that I’ve come to really enjoy.

One thing that I would tell people is not to worry so much about your number of followers.  Focus on building relationships with people and, when others see that you are genuine, your social following will grow organically. [Read more...]

How It’s Done: The Un-Sales Video

Lynn Terry is a brilliant example of doing things right so take a quick break and watch this video:

This is the product she’s talking about and I do highly recommend it!


Buy Social Marketing Results here.

Bonus Offer From Kelly:  When you buy Lynn’s course through my link, forward me the receipt (email and I’ll gift you your choice of Smart Curation Skills or Topics on Target.  I believe either one of these targeted resources will be a great compliment to her teaching!  (Tell me which course you’d like when you send your receipt.)

Using JustRetweet To Expand Your Social Reach

I’ve been using JustRetweet to drive extra traffic to my blogs for a couple of months now.

So far I’ve used it as a free participant, meaning I haven’t paid for credits or extra exposure.

You earn credits by retweeting, liking and +ing content you believe your social circle would appreciate and then spend credits by submitting tweets that you’d like others to share with their following.

And yes, it works quite nicely.


The Sparkplugging Twitter account had been left silent for several years when I took things over last month and while I am doing my best to liven things up and naturally follow new people, I love that I can use JustRetweet to jump start retweet activity.

I wanted to drive traffic to our new Community Webinar sign ups page but their rules are clearly displayed:

Please do not request retweets for sales pages, direct affiliate links, squeeze pages, homepage links, and other overly promotional or low quality content. These will be deleted.

No problem. I wrote a blog post about the new webinar series and submitted my Tweet pointing folks to that page instead.

To maximize exposure I submitted a couple of different tweets, hoping that more than a few JustRetweet users will end up retweeting both of them.

I like the results I’ve seen, enough so that I’m ready to go ahead and buy credits so that I have more to spend on promoting the other great content our Sparkplugging bloggers are creating lately.

Should you try JustRetweet?

I say yes.  I’m proof that you can take advantage of it (for quite awhile) without spending a dollar – so go ahead and give it a shot.  If you discover, like me, that you get good results, you can buy credits or extra site exposure.

Sign up

Update:  I did purchase credits the day before yesterday and opted for a package ($30) that included three days of extra exposure as a Featured Member on the JustRetweet site.


Other JustRetweet members earn a couple of credits for following Featured Members (pretty smart idea) and it has sent me quite a few new followers.  I would do it again.

How will you leverage JustRetweet?

9 Useful Twitter Search Phrases

There are so many social media networks these days it is beginning to be really hard to choose. Some of my friends love Facebook. It’s OK, despite all the redesigning, I still find it difficult to navigate. Also, because of privacy settings. I am not able to reach or tap into the crowd like you can on Twitter.Twitter Search

If you ask a question on Facebook, you’ll only get responses from your own network of friends. That may not be a bad thing, yet, I believe in the wisdom of the crowd. I’ve received some really good answers to my questions I get from Twitter come from people who don’t know me, don’t follow me and vice versa.

This is not saying my peeps don’t have good answers. They do but throwing a question out on twitter is like polling the real public whereas asking your fans/friends is like – well, asking your friends which can skew your results depending on what you ask. Anyhow, I’m going down a different rabbit hole here so let’s get back to the point.

Besides asking questions myself, I like to search Twitter. Sometimes it is to find questions that I can answer or write a blog post about. Sometimes, to find people or experts whom I can feature. Other times, to find good stuff to share with others. These are just a few search phrases that can be used to achieve all that.

Find questions to answer or to blog about

  • “Does anyone know”
  • “Anyone know”
  • “How do I”
  • “How do you”

To find experts

  • “Available for interview”
  • “Expert available”

Finding holidays/events to blog about

  • “Month is” e.g. “August is”

Looking to hire someone?

  • “Hire me”
  • “Available for hire”

More search options

If you think you will be searching some of these phrases over and over again, you can also save your search. After you complete your search, just click on the “Save this search” link on the top right corner of your search results list.

Twitter Search

If you want to narrow down your search, filter out the noise, consider using these search operators.

Lynette enjoys discovering new ways to use technology or new technologies to use in a business and in turn help her clients apply them. You can find also Lynette at her blog, Twitter and Facebook

How to Find Out What People are Saying About You Online


Did you know that it’s possible to see what people are saying about you on the internet?  There are a number of automated tools that will allow you to monitor your name, your company, and other words related to your brand.

If you are in sales or you own a business, monitoring your reputation is crucial.  People are talking about you online, whether you like it or not.  You need to be aware of what’s being said.

There are a few things you can do to set up an automatic monitor that lets you know whenever anyone talks about you online. [Read more...]

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