Here’s How to Get Inspired When You’re Feeling Stuck as an Entrepreneur

Welcome to Spark Bits Weekly where I ask a panel of homeprenuers a blazing question about running and growing their businesses from home.

Today’s Q is: 

Where do you find inspiration when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your business?

Helena Bowers from Your Message Amplified says:

headshot-dec-2012-100When I hit a plateau in my business the first thing I try to do is get out of my own way. I know that I have the tendency to make things harder than they have to be, so the first place I look for inspiration is outside in nature. I’ll often take my camera and head to the river for a long walk and some quiet time communing with the ducks. The stillness gives me the space I need to get out of my own head and let the ideas flow. More often than not I end up coming home with a pretty good idea of what my next step should be, as well as a fresh batch of pictures to work with!

Brenda Trott from Done4UMedia Marketing says:

BrendaFunky_me.jpgI’m not sure if I ever run out of ideas. The reason is because I get them from my clients. They come to me with new questions before I even know I have an answer.


Jessica Lee from Psychic Readings Guide says:

jessica-leeI love this question because I think it’s so important to feel inspired when working.  When I feel like I’ve hit a plateau, I know it’s because I am over thinking things and not letting the business flow organically. That signals me to step back and take a few hours off doing something enjoyable that is unrelated to business, such as taking a ride or baking.  Usually, once I get into a relaxed state, ideas will quickly start to flow again.

Another thing I do is keep inspiration boards on Pinterest.  I pin blogs that I admire and articles that I have enjoyed reading.  When I go back and reread these pieces, I remember what I loved about them, and this often gets my creative juices flowing.

I also have several book excerpts highlighted on various Kindle books.  Sometimes, one great quote or a few paragraphs from a chapter is enough to inspire me.  For me, it’s all about not fighting the current.  Trying to force things when they’re not happening naturally is not fun.  Relaxing, taking a step back, and having inspiration boards that I can refer to works really well for me.

Reba Collins from PLR One Stop says:

profile-reba100x100I find inspiration in almost everything, every person, and everywhere I go.  I try to look for the good and ignore the bad, so I watch for the little things from which I can draw ideas. Family is big in my life and there’s always someone telling of how they found a great item or need something to make their lives easier. I try to apply those conversations to my business.

Since my business is an online business, I’m a member in a lot of Facebook groups and forums with others in my niche. I go to those places every day and never fail to learn something new. Everything new thing I learn I can apply to my business, so honestly, I’m never short on inspiration. In fact, I have so many ideas; I don’t have time to handle them all. It’s rare that I hit a plateau with such great people touching my life on a daily basis.

My Insights

lyzqa.pngEntrepreneurship is unpredictable requiring the person behind the machine to adapt quickly to change. It’s the tendency of human nature to resist change when things are flowing the way you are used to experiencing them – whether they are working or not. The problem is that it creates a field of comfort where you’re not pushed enough to take action. And when taking no action becomes a habit, you create complacency, which completely and utterly hijacks your creativity.

Now, I don’t think this alone can keep you from feeling inspired or from taking action and coming up with great ideas for your business. I think plateaus in business can be viewed differently depending on which lens you choose to look through.

inspirationSome people hit a wall because of resistance. Lack of clarity or unease of imperfection tend to be biggies for feeling stuck.  Sometimes it’s about not being clear of where you want to take your business. Other times, it’s about not being clear on how to get there. Yet, there are times when you reach an “Aha!” moment to then be faced with mental pictures of over-thinking something or adopting a thought process that pushes you to get in your own way – both concepts shared by some our Sparkplugging advisors.

How do you get out of this rut?

Our Sparkplugging contributors offered nice tips you can adopt and mold into your own. For me, I often reflect on what misconceptions I’ve internalized that may keep me from moving forward. Then I try to practice the following:

  1. Reflect on my goal with a different framework. Thinking about why I started the entrepreneurial journey in the first place keeps me grounded.  I don’t want to lose sight of that because if I do, I may never get there. Often times I find myself reframing a mental block such as “ I’m feeling stuck” to “Feeling stuck is the door to finding solutions which can be helpful to me and my clients.”
  2. Exercise. It’s my #1 weapon for stress in all areas of my life. Stress can elevate cortisol (stress hormone) levels causing a cascade of reactions that can interrupt sleep, alter your body’s chemistry and add the extra pouch around your belly. But I don’t exercise just for the aesthetics and stress benefits. Exercise increases your level of endorphins (feel good hormones) which makes way for your creative juices to flow.  
  3. Seek support. I too feel inspired by people in the forums and groups I frequent online.  My business coach always reminds me about asking questions when I’m feeling stuck. She’s right. It can be an overwhelming task to try to figure everything out alone. Ask for help. A fresh viewpoint from others can catapult your idea to the next level.

Finding inspiration when hitting a plateau in your business, I feel, is all encompassing because it can enrich your creative process and provide an outcome that can truly be fulfilling. The process itself can add a great lesson to your overflowing toolbox but the experience can be a precursor to a massive breakthrough giving you the feeling that the most successful aspects of your business are still yet to come – a thought that within itself can inspire a cascade of innovation.

So in reflection of your actions when you’ve reached a roadblock in your business, where do you find inspiration to stay all in?

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Lyz has a passion for business, personal development and wellness. She hopes to help new and emerging home-based entrepreneurs discover both their personal and business strengths in order to develop a more productive, healthy and balanced life while rocking it in business from home.


  1. says

    Hi Lyz,

    I found this post to be very useful. Because this is a problem that I’ve been facing in my life- hitting a plateau, getting stagnant, no progress being made etc.

    I’ve my own little ways of overcoming and getting beyond such plateaus. Meditation is one such remedy, that I use frequently. I sit in solitude and meditate. It brings tremendous calmness and a clear plan to proceed. I don’t know from where the plan and inspiration comes from. But as soon as I meditate, solutions flow in!

    Nice to see opinions of others here. I particularly feel that I should start ‘seeking help’ under such circumstances.

    After reading about it here, I got a feeling that it is something that I’ve been missing out.

    Thanks to that I found this post :)

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted..WordPress: Blogging and Money Making made Possible and EasyMy Profile

  2. says

    I like the question and Reba Collins has the answer that I like the most. Being inspired can be found in every person, in nature or in everywhere you go. Relaxing or taking a break from a timid working day. Bonding with your family or do some stuffs with mobile gadgets and PCs away is what works great.