Introducing Lyz Cano Freeman: New Sparkplugging Partner

Hey there Friends! I’m so pleased to announce a new partner here at Sparkplugging.  Lyz is going to bring a breath of fresh air and a very curious mind to the Sparkplugging Community.  Please take a minute to learn who she is and make her feel welcome.  – Kelly

facebook.jpgI’m Lyz Cano Freeman and I have the pleasure of contributing to Sparkplugging. I am so happy to be a part of this great network of blogs that offers so much to home-based entrepreneurs and those aspiring to work from home.

Before I got here, I found myself in a state of funk.

In 2009 I quit my full-time job at a hospital where I was working as a Registered Nurse. Since then I’ve been sort of freelancing doing contract work for hospitals, private duty nursing and providing in-home mental health therapy services for children and their families. I enjoy the flexibility of setting my own schedule but was planning on expanding my family so I began to explore other options.

Within my circle of friends I am known as a workaholic.

My entire identity has been centered on my career – something I learned from my own upbringing. The repercussions of my upbringing resulted in not having an opportunity to develop a close bond with my immediate family.

As an adult, holidays were especially lonely and I vowed to make a change.

I wanted to be a present mama and wife and I started to look into how I can do that without giving up completely on my career. I love helping people and realized that through blogging, I could blend my passions and experiences and create something with purpose that would be of value to other people.

As I began to research opportunities to work from home,

I had no idea blogging and internet marketing existed – much less that people were creating lifestyle businesses online. The further I explored the more I was sold.  I studied and learned as much as I could and became passionate about learning how to help people online.

I have an immense entrepreneurial spirit and have started a few offline business ventures along the way.  Although my online business endeavors are just emerging, I am absolutely looking forward to growing and learning along with all of you.

Want to join the work at home movement? Here’s your invite. Get some home business tips, resources & some occasional booty kicking…just saying:) You In?

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  1. Cynthia Hewitt says

    Congratulations on this new venture! This certainly sounds like a great opportunity for you to be able to juggle a career and a family evenly in your life. Best of luck Lyz!!