Sparkplugging Podcast Episode #106: What To Send Your List

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In this sixth episode we tackle a tough question, ‘What do you send your list?’

You’ll be hearing from me, Kelly McCausey, and my Round Table of Super Friends:


This is a juicy list marketing discussion!

  • How personal/personable should you be with your list?
  • How do you deal with safety issues regarding your family & home?
  • How are you delivering value?
  • How do you get your list to respond to you?

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  1. says

    I think this is a such a great podcast. I definitely don’t hide anything. The way I look at it, someone I meet in person can be just as dangerous as someone who may “meet me” online. (My past may have a lot to do with my decision concerning that.) Of course, on the other hand, I can see why many people are very selective of what they share.

    I look forward to hearing the next session.
    Crystal Green recently posted..Prized! Your Journey as His Daughter Book ReviewMy Profile

  2. Debora Humphries says

    Great podcast! I never really thought about the fact that it is important to consider your address on your websites and emails for personal safety and precaution measures. I will no longer be using my home address after listening to some of the experiences here.

    I like all of your ideas on personalization with your list because it allows me a view into how it is being done by others and the best way to apply it to my own situation rather it be personal replies or setting up a FaceBook page to answer questions and engage more.

    I new about the broadcast feature in my autoresponder, but I was not aware that you could send to several list at the same time. I guess because I do not have several lists yet. Lol…It is good information to know for the future though and I really appreciate all of you going in depth on the subject, it was extremely helpful.

  3. says

    Another great post, I completely agree with Nicole – I don’t like giving away too much personal information about my family/private life either.

    Loved everyone’s ideas for getting a response from your list.

  4. says

    I love this podcast as it deals with so many of the things I struggle with and it’s good to know others are in the same boat!

    I don’t reveal my kids names and if I post a picture it is going to be pretty hard to identify them unless you already know them!

    As I’m just getting started in building my list, this podcast definitely helped me think of ways to personalize things while still maintaining a sense of privacy!
    Erika recently posted..Vote For Your Favorite Nursery For A Chance To Win!My Profile

  5. says

    I loved this episode. I could relate to David’s comments about the balancing act between being too personal and not personal enough. I also like what someone said about really wanting her authenticity to be at the forefront, because I feel the same way. The discussion on list engagement was also really helpful, as I struggle with that part, too. :) Thanks for another awesome installment!
    Kim Loftis recently posted..Spiritual Prayer for Rising above Current CircumstancesMy Profile

  6. says

    Thanks for a very important and informative podcast. AS you say we need to get the right balance in play when we blog, do a podcast and webinar. I remember years ago I was talking with a girl and she was so proud that she had a large number of websites and no one could find the different niches she was in. Two minutes later her little party was over I had found every single one. I just typed in her postcode which she had on every single page.

    At the same time we need not be afraid to be personal as people love to buy from people
    Andrew Milburn recently posted..You Are Never Too Old To LearnMy Profile