Sparkplugging :: Thinking Big in the New Work at Home Generation

Welcome to eMoms at Home v2.0 ::

Sparkplugging, Thinking Big in the New Work at Home Generation

Why Sparkplugging?

Because the people who come to this site are Spark Plugswe are people who make things happen. We love business, and we love our free time. And we’re willing to do what it takes to make a great living while also living a great a life.

One of the biggest things I have learned over the nearly two years of running this site is that the traditional model of a “Home Business” is on a path to extinction. Technology has drastically changed the way we work, and we are now able to create customized careers that fit into our lives. eMoms at Home has changed to Sparkplugging in order to meet the changing needs of the members of our community. (Catch up on more of the story as to why we’ve changed our name, or you might want to read Darren Rowse’s interview with me on the entire – and difficult! – renaming process.)

Allow me to give you a tour of what’s new and what’s to come! We’ve created two main sections of the site, Business Channels and Home Office Lifestyle Channels.

Current Sparkplugging Business Channels

  • Sparkplug CEO (That’s me! Formerly the eMoms at Home Original Recipe blog)
    Geeking on Business & Life as a Chief Extraordinary Officer
  • Freelance Parent
    Freelance Writing Resources for Parents & Everyone Else with No Spare Time
  • CraftBoom!
    How to Start & Grow a Craft Business
  • New on Sparkplugging!The Home Office Organizer
    Helping Home Office Professionals Organize Their Office, Time and Space

Current Sparkplugging Lifestyle Channels

  • Momsational
    Contests, Coupons & Free Stuff for Moms
  • Seasonal Kids Activities
    Kids Crafts, Activities, and Projects for Holidays, Events & Seasonal Fun
  • The Man Page (Formerly Dad Balance)
    Career Advice, Parenting Tips, and Laughs For Every Man
  • New on Sparkplugging!Believer in Balance
    Finding Balance with a Growing Family and a Growing Business

Additionally, over the next 5 weeks, we are growing the family around here! Be sure to stop by every Monday to check out the new Channels that we’re adding!

New on Sparkplugging! Business Channels

  • Ask the CoachComing April 21st
    3 Business Coaches :: A Wealth of Business Answers
  • WAHM 2.0Coming April 21st
    This Isn’t Your Mother’s Work at Home Business
  • The Marketing EggspertComing April 28th
    Marketing in a Web 2.0 World
  • eBay & eCommerce SellingComing May 5th
    Learn How to Start & Run an eSelling Business
  • SOHO Tools, News & TechnologyComing May 12th
    Products, Services & Tips to Help You Run a More Profitable Business
  • Celebrity BusinessComing May 12th
    The Scoop on Celebrities in Business and Celebrity Entrepreneurs

New on Sparkplugging! Lifestyle Channels

  • Simply GreenComing April 28th
    Eco-Friendly Choices for Life, Home and Work

Where do I start?

Start anywhere you want – we love our readers and everyone is welcome here. But if you wanted some ideas, you could:

  • Welcome the first of nine new authors – Brandie Kajino at The Home Office Organizer
  • Check out Shannon Hutton’s new Believer in Balance blog, which will also have a special weekly segment called Ask the School Counselor
  • Go behave badly with the other guys around here on Derek Semmler’s new blog The Man Page (formerly Dad Balance)
  • Link to us & spread the word, because, you know, we really really need that right now 馃槈

And I’ll say this now (because I’m writing this right before we launch) – moving a site of this size to a new domain and completely new WordPress template and plugin setup has been an enormous feat of technical excellence by Steve Johnson of SawtoothID. But even this man that I have up on a pedestal can’t predict everything that will happen once everything goes live. So if you encounter site problems a bit today, please forgive us and try again in a few minutes. :)

Most of All, What do you Think?

Though obviously we couldn’t act on every single suggestion that was made when we first launched our renaming project, I want each and every one of you to know that I took every word you said to heart and I thank you deeply for your input and feedback along the way. I probably spent over 120 hours working on just the naming process alone, and I do believe that “Sparkplugging” encompasses nearly all of the sentiments you expressed, while simultaneously being a perfect fit in my heart.

There has always been an “Open Door” policy around here – I always, always want to know what you want and need to grow your businesses and have fun while you’re at it. We’ve evolved from eMoms at Home to Sparkplugging entirely based on your feedback along the way, and we’ll continue to grow by listening to you. And Steve and I worked our tails off to build a technological infrastructure here to be able to add more and more content in the future to serve your needs.

Suggestions, comments, critiques, questions :: fire away!

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  1. Easton Ellsworth says

    Two words, Wendy: Awe. Some.

    Okay, three: Congratulations.

    Easton Ellsworth’s last blog post..The 5 Elements of Visionary Blogging – Part 4: Imagination

  2. says

    I love this! It’s a really nice look. I’m working on changing my links. Anyway, great job and I can’t wait to see the new channels open.

    Lizzie’s last blog post..No, I芒鈧劉m not playing

  3. says

    Congratulations Wendy. Watching you go through this has been rather daunting, even from afar. Good luck, and I’ll be changing my links accordingly!

  4. Ria Kennedy says

    Woooooooo-hoooooooo! Everything is great. More than great — helpful, fun and inspiring. I’ve changed the link on my blog and can’t wait for all the new blogs. Wow!

    Thank you Wendy, you and all your associates have knocked it out of the park. Way to go! Now go get some sleep!!! :)

  5. says

    I’ve already commented twice, Problogger’s post and twitter but I’ll say it again; AWESOME and I hope you realize how inspiring you are as a woman and entrepreneur.

    Lori’s last blog post..Feelin芒鈧劉 a Little Meskin

  6. says

    Yeah Wendy and team!

    I am so excited for you … love the new name! And I love reading about the process you went through to get where you are today. It is great learning for all of us out here, trying to figure out what the hell we are doing! :)

    All the rankings/links/stats stuff may be a bit painful in the beginning, but really, as you know, doing the right thing for the company is in your best long-term interest.

    As for leaving the old behind, my “parallel emotion” this morning was telling my 3-year old’s teacher that I was going to move him to a new school. I felt so torn since they have loved him so much and I feel really comfortable with him there. But the new school will be so much more stimulating, and will give him what he needs to grow in the future. I couldn’t help crying when I told them — it was so hard to let go of what is trusted and safe!

    So my takeaway — be grateful for the past, love it, mourn it a bit, then look forward to the ripe, creative, bright future.

    I can’t wait to see you & Co kick the work-at-home person’s ass and build a great service.


    Pamela Slim’s last blog post..Small business recession-proofing wisdom from John Jantsch

  7. says

    WTG Wendy this site looks freakin’ amazing. Like the rename! I think it is very appropriate. Yanno people come to you for a spark of inspiration. Been a heck of a great experience for me since I started following your blog. Thank you for all the hard work you do and will continue to do to give the blogging community trusted information on everything business and life balance.

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!

    Joe Cheray’s last blog post..Broken聽Heart

  8. says

    Congratulations! The new name is great! And I love the concept of creating “customized careers that fit into our lives”!

    Trisha’s last blog post..Blogger Appreciation Day

  9. says

    Best wishes with the new design Wendy. Your hard work and effort is show by the result. I look forward to your continued success.


  10. says

    YAAAAAY! (Picture Kermit the Frog flapping his arms as he says this)

    Congrats. You rock. I am glad to have been a part of the process.


    The Marketing Eggspert’s last blog post..The Power of Promotional Products (and I Don芒鈧劉t Mean Pens)

  11. says

    Wow! Looks great, and it appears the launch went well. I look forward to checking out some of the new blogs in the network. From the titles it sounds like I’ll have some new blogs in my reader.

    Linette’s last blog post..Sunday Party Planning Links

  12. says

    Congrats Wendy, so happy it all came together, looks fantastic and the plug ins are working. I felt for you on twitter last night, your morning.

    I am still coming to terms with the name,too be honest not sure, I have read your conversation with Darren. It will get lots of airing today no doubt and I will come to love it- the name is great, just thinking out loud as I adjust to the change

    Suzie Cheel’s last blog post..100 Plus Niche Tips and Resources

  13. Shannon says

    The site is amazing Wendy! All those hours (and hours and hours) have really paid off! I was honored to be part of the process and am thrilled to be part of this network! Congratulations on a job well done!

  14. says

    Love the new look – there’s been a lot of work put into this and you’ve pulled it off – you and your team behind you (which I’m sure there must be). Well done!

    Kathie Thomas, A Clayton’s Secretary’s last blog post..How often are you backing up?

  15. says

    Wow! It looks great! I麓m SO excited to see all the new blogs coming online, I麓ve enjoyed the other ones greatly and these new ones are going to be great. I麓ll be changing my links shortly and doing a new post on your new look, as well!

  16. says

    Congrats on the new branding and awesome growth plans. I’m so proud of you and your team, way to go! You truly represent how to Make a Wish, Make it Happen… your magic wand is extra sparkly and you must be still wearing the bracelet I gave you that says, “Expect Miracles”, you not only expect them, you CREATE them daily.

    One question, what was the choice behind you smiley brand logo guy? Just curious…

  17. Travis J. Lehr says

    Great information, definitely a good read…Working from home is THE BEST. I do it by selling on ebay. The internet is such a powerful tool. I sell on other sites as well. Its fantastic. You can click my name and it has a quick story on how I did it (just my personal page). Great info for people looking to get started doing Work at Home or Online Selling. Good luck to everyone!

  18. says

    I’ve only just discovered your great site so can’t compare with your old version. I know how difficult it must have been to make the name change when your site was already well established but, what’s in a name? It’s the content that will keep drawing me back!

    I have run my home exchange business from my small home office in London, England since 1985. When I started, I felt others may have thought I wasn’t really doing a ‘proper job’. Now it seems that everyone is envious of the flexibility working from home can give. I started this way to be here when my kids came home from school and during their holidays. They’ve both long gone – and I’m still here, enjoying new challenges every day!


  19. says

    Congrats on the name change.

    I did late last year and it took some doing. Just goes to show how hard it is to get the name right when you start up. It takes time to learn what is really going to happen with a new venture.

    I guess what’s best is to expect a change, so in some way, be prepared for it, if one can.

    Anyway. I also love the WordPress theme, it is the best I have seen for a long long time. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Well done, good luck and best wishes


  20. says

    Best wishes with the new design Wendy. Your hard work and effort is show by the result. I look forward to your continued success.

  21. says

    there are lots of Work At Home programs out there. some programs are scam. I only stick to making blogs and monetizing it with Google Adsense.

  22. says

    I agree with Karen, there area lot of scams. The best thing anyone can do (IMO) if they want to start a business up that begins (or even stays) at home is to learn about marketing. YOu can then apply the learning to the net, and discover a niche where you can focus your energies. Do it this way and you will learn so much more than buying into someone else’s concept.


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