Notes From An Introvert: Exposure & Profit – A Supercharged Event!

Exposure and Profit TorontoIt’s not often I become easily inspired. Heck, I’ve read just about every self-help book and watched every TED talk there is. So in my mind, I’ve seen it and heard it all. It’s a bit distorted, I know. But I’ve set my mind on making new waves of inspiration for my readers and myself.

I thrive on helping others grow – feel better, be happier. It’s the reason why I’ve chosen all of my careers in helping fields. So when I decided to go to Kelly McCausey’s (my business coach) Exposure and Profit live event last weekend, I went in support of her – at first. Along the way, I accumulated some unbelievable and unsolicited inspiration that surprised me and left me wanting more.

Dealing With Cold Feet

I would be lying if I said I didn’t get cold feet once the date was approaching. I’m, well, an introvert and although I love people, mingling in a group setting is just not my thing. It never has been as it sucks the energy out of me, drenches my thoughts, therefore, affecting my ability to engage in small talk. You wouldn’t know it if you lived in my home though. I’m as loud, bubbly and teenage-like as they come. They say being extroverted comes in handy when networking. Many people report that the connections made at live events can literally help your business explode. So, in an effort to unfold my big plan for Sparkplugging, I was all in – nerves and all.

After the first day’s worth of presentations were over, I couldn’t help but to perseverate over the aha’s. The second day was the same and I began to indulge in regret for not participating in the mastermind session the day before the main event. My loss indeed.

Beyond all of that however, the energy there was cosmic and reassuring. I walked out feeling like I could conquer the world. I completely get what the whole buzz surrounding live events is all about now but I think this one was especially special.

Wow! What Takeaways

“What would awesome you do?” – Nicole Dean

Nicole an at Exposure and Profit TorontoNicole Dean was one of the keynote speakers and took philanthropy to another level for me. Nicole’s message spoke to my soul, as she believes in making the web and world a better place – ditto! She goes to an animal shelter and hugs kittens as a way to give back, which not only helps her have a better day but also socializes the kittens so that they are more adoptable. Also inspiring was the fact that her online business has allowed her husband to quit his job, which translates into more time for them to spend together. What an aspiration for newcomers like me! Tidbit: The importance of giving back.

Connie Regan Greene at Exposure and Profit

Self Publishing is a stepping stone to greater opportunities.” – Connie Ragen Greene

Connie Regan Greene encouraged that you can be an author of a book if you want to be. Connie has written several books (in physical form) without the help of a major publisher. She described the ease of the process and her wisdom on the importance of owning your content. She gave some extraordinary examples on how your can turn what you already have into a book, info product – or any other format for that matter. Tidbit: Do the work once and keep profiting from it over and over.

“When in doubt, embrace discomfort.” – Justin Popovic

Justing Popovic at Exposure and ProfitJustin Popvic was another keynote speaker whom I admire for his appreciation for personal development. He literally quit his job cold turkey before he launched his business. He shared (with pictures) his array of emotions throughout the years as he was managing the trials that crossed his path as he was growing his business. Tidbit: Get through the lows to get to the highs. Absolutely moving!

Dan Morris at Exposure and ProfitRachel Martin at Exposure and ProfitDan Morris and Rachel Martin- Besides frequently reminding us that his name is, ummmm, “Dan” (you had to be there to get it – pretty funny guy), he and his partner Rachel talked about knowing your audience.

“When fans become cheerleaders, you achieve leverage.” – Dan Morris and Rachel Martin

Things like what they say, think, feel and do are crucial in your leadership and it will turn your audience into raving cheerleaders. Also, have you ever considered sponsorships? Well, surprisingly it’s easier than I thought. Tidbit: Don’t be afraid to approach companies for sponsorships if they have a product that can be beneficial for your audience.

“Video is mandatory” – Derral Eves

Derral Eves at Exposure and ProfitDerral Eves’s presentation rocked the world of most attendees. Five seconds is all you have to capture your audience attention when you’re using video in your marketing efforts. Let’s just say, he did just that to a T during his presentation – very insightful info + entertaining! However, what was most touching was how he captivated the hearts of viewers in a video he put together for his brother who needed a kidney transplant. The video raised double the amount of money his brother needed to get his kidney. If you ever wondered about the power of video and You Tube, he’s your man. Tidbit: You want your videos to create some type of reaction for your audience whether they like it or not. Why? Because You Tube gives you credit for engagement so either way you benefit.

Email is the glue in your marketing” – Alice Seba

Alice Seba at Exposure and ProfitAlice Seba knows the power of email marketing. I’m on her list and she sure practices what she preaches. One of her messages is to leverage the power of email because your email list is yours, unlike your followers on social media platforms. She advocates to send emails all of the time. And, if your subscribers don’t want your emails or are angry that you are selling them something, they are not the right people for your list. So, they need to go. Tidbit: Train your audience to do something in every email you send.

Kelly McCausey at Exposure and ProfitKelly McCausey  is content curator extraordinaire and although she did not present on a topic even though she hosted the event, I can vouch for the great information she brings to the table all of the time as my coach. At Exposure & Profit, Kelly provided some darn good tidbits. For one, she shared her reasons for not presenting and subtly described how, since starting her business; she always brought the “experts” to her peeps. In essence, you don’t need to be the expert; you just need to find them based on what your people want.  So if you feel like you don’t know enough of anything to start your business, well, you don’t have to.

Mission Accomplished (well, partially)

So there it is. The event was pegged as an “introvert friendly” affair, which was appealing to me and I’m sure most other introverts in the room. My goal was to take lead of my special attributes and make the most of the event on my terms; although, I wasn’t opposed to stretching out my limits. I made checklist for myself as a way to push my boundaries. I decided I was going to approach some pretty cool people (most of them speakers) whom I admire in the online marketing business space. I wanted to thank them for their inspiration. Did I do so? Here it goes….

  • Nicole Dean (check)
  • Alice Seba (check)
  • Connie Regan Greene (check)
  • Sharyn Sheldon (check)
  • Justin Popovic (well, not quite) But 4 out of 5 is not bad. And just in case you get to read this Justin, your PLR rocks!

As far as I’m concerned, introversion is the new cool. Even though group settings are less than ideal for me, the energy and connections made at Exposure and Profit blew my “innie” socks off my feet.

Wish you were there? No prob. You can get the recordings right here.

Review: Online Marketing Inside Out

online-marketingSitepoint writers Brandon Eley and Shayne Tilley have written an excellent guide to internet marketing.  Online Marketing Inside Out is a comprehensive guide to the basics of marketing tactics using email, Search Engine Optimization, social media, affiliate marketing, and more.

For beginning online marketers it’s an introduction to the necessary tactics to get the online exposure you’re seeking.  Brandon and Shayne are experienced marketers and those with a strong marketing background will recognize their expertise in the fundamentals of marketing at work here.

As a business owner these concepts are incredibly important to at least be familiar with.  Many business owners make the mistake of pawning their web marketing efforts off on their web guy.  Online Marketing Inside Out helps you understand that web marketing is not an IT function, but a fundamental marketing decision.  The book provides a way to get an overview and start a plan.

For experienced online marketers the book reads like a checklist of important things to remember.  It’s a technical manual that covers the bare bones and allows you to be creative and fill in the rest.  The only thing that I was hoping for was an entire chapter dedicated to viral marketing.  The authors touch on the subject and give some general advice, but choose to approach viral marketing from the standpoint of how content can sometimes go viral.

I highly recommend Online Marketing Inside Out as a reference point for people who want to get started with their online marketing efforts and for experienced marketers who might need a solid checklist to compare their existing campaigns against.

Sparkplugging received a review copy of this resource.

How To Become A 5-Star Internet Marketer

jimmy-d-brownThis is a guest blog post from Jimmy D. Brown.  He continues our guest blogger theme of ‘business transitions’.

My wife and I have been married since 1994.  During the years since our wedding, we have stayed in a variety of hotels ranging from a “glorified closet” to a resort suite, everything from a 1-star rating to a 5-star rating.

We’re not into astronomy, but we do like to see a lot of stars when it comes to our accommodations! :-)

Here’s what says of a “5-Star” rating…

“These luxury hotels offer the pinnacle of service and pampering. Pristine surroundings often include manicured landscaping and famed works of art. Guests may expect multilingual concierge and/or butler services, extensive pool, spa and fitness facilities, and gourmet restaurants with world-renowned chefs. There is typically a high staff- to-guest ratio. Guestrooms feature ample space, designer linens, and special touches such as fresh flowers, champagne and flat-screen televisions. These hotels most often are located in the most desirable cities or resort destinations.”

In other words, 5-star means “the best”.  It represents the highest order of a hotel.  Or, anything for that matter.

There are 5-star hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, salons, banks and much more.

In fact, you can apply the 1-5 star rating system to just about anything.

Even internet marketing. [Read more...]

Meet Our Interns: Christopher Johnston

chris-internChristopher Johnston (@chrisjohnston) is 37-year old husband, father, christian, iPhone owner, and new Mac user. A recovering former financial advisor, passionate about the new green economy and how it will help my hometown, New Orleans, recover from Hurricane Katrina.

Hello, I’m Christopher Johnston a father of two, full-time student, Realtor, and now blogging intern at Sparkplugging.  I’ve been on the web since 1994 and remember using the browsers Lynx and Mosaic and the original search engines, Archie and Veronica. In December of last year I bought an iPhone and I realized that the world would be forever changed. [Read more...]

Meet Our Interns: Dannie McClain

dannie-internDannie McClain (@brunette01) loves the challenge of blending her past, present, and future. With an exciting Military background, 13 years of corporate life, and a young blogging career, covering her chaotic fun family life to traditional marketing, Dannie loves the opportunity to share in social media and balancing family-hood.

Jumping at the opportunity to learn from the top ladies at Sparkplugging would be a mild statement. I literally launched to my computer to fill out the application after my BlackBerry® dinged with an email from Kelly announcing the Sparkplugging internship. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to help re-develop myself and I had to act.

With thirteen years of corporate marketing, brands, and logistics added to my resume, I was consumed by the corporate life. When worked called, I jumped. My children began to dislike me and then I began to hate myself. I searched out outlets to let off some steam and stumbled upon a random blog. Then another. [Read more...]

Meet Our Interns: Nick Bostic

nick-internNick Bostic (@nbostic) has been an entrepreneur and internet marketer for the majority of his life. He currently works in corporate America helping independent business people be more successful and has been blogging to some degree for close to 8 years.

I started in internet marketing over 10 years ago when my older sister passed along some HTML coding notes from a class she was taking. I cut my teeth trying to market on Compuserve and Prodigy, then moved on to helping my father with his consulting business.

Ever since, I have been trying to establish a successful online business.  I currently work in the real estate industry, but help artists and alternative medicine practitioners with their marketing efforts. [Read more...]

Meet our Interns: Cory Huff

cory-internCory Huff (@aGoodHusband) is best known online for  He also works for an internet marketing firm that specializes in Search Engine Marketing.  Cory hopes to leverage the Sparkplugging internship to help performers and artists make money using the internet.

I got started in Internet Marketing when I went to work in the sales department for an Internet Marketing Company in Portland, OR in 2007. Shortly after that I started I’ve also worked as a consultant and been involved in helping arts organizations get their web marketing game on.

My strengths in internet marketing lie in Pay Per Click Search Advertising and community building. Every since Wendy Piersall was the first person to Stumble one of my blog posts I’ve been intensely interested in the social web. You can probably expect to read posts from me about how to run a well optimized PPC campaign, using social media to build your personal network, and the intersection between art and business.

I am hoping that this internship with Sparkplugging can help me learn more about monetizing blogs, running a business, and helping the arts benefit from the Internet. I started my professional career as a stage actor & director so I have an eclectic background for an internet marketer. I’m mostly self taught so I know that I have some knowledge gaps.

I’m always open to connecting and meeting new people, so please hit me up on Twitter! @agoodhusband

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