The Local Economy and the Work at Home Hero

You may not consider yourself a work at home “hero.” But the decision to work at home took courage and is making a difference to more people than you probably realize.

As we assist you here at Sparkplugging with insight and strategies for local marketing, we want you to be aware of how important what you do is to the sustainability of the town or region in which you live. Taking the time to realize the extent to which your success matters to your family and neighbors can motivate you and spark exciting ideas for the growth of your business.

First, let’s take a quick look at how what you’ve chosen to do is a making a difference in the quality of life where you live:

  • By working at home you’re not contributing to the daily traffic and pollution on your highways.
  • If you’re a parent or caregiver, your decision to work at home gives you the opportunity to be more accessible to those who may depend on you.
  • Your work at home income enables your family to support area businesses which drive your local economy.
  • When your local economy thrives your town’s services and schools improve for all.

Helping to make the environment cleaner and the local economy stronger are pretty “heroic” outcomes for a work at home business. It took a lot of courage to make the decision to run your business from home and courage is no doubt a defining trait of heroes.

Think of this…for many of you, starting your work at home business meant leaving the security of a full-time income. That took a lot of courage

For others it meant developing new skills and systems that would ultimately give you the freedom to be at home with your children while still earning a living for your family.

It takes courage and determination to change the way you do things to achieve new goals. Not everyone is prepared to do that and those distinctive qualities are unique to focused leaders who make a difference.

Heroic Motivation Is Half the Battle

Not every day is sunshine and roses as you work in you home office. You won’t get every contract or necessarily meet every sales goal you set and during those times you may feel disheartened or uncertain about your decision to work at home.

It’s at those times that you need to step back and recognize the freedom you now have to contribute to your quality of life at home and in the community around you. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • So many people complain that kids today have lost the ability to indulge in non-structured, healthy outdoor play. They are either playing video games or in structured activities and lessons. Part of the reason for this is that so many parents just don’t have the time or ability to be home or available so kids can enjoy their days this way. Why not take one of your afternoons or mornings to host a picnic for the kids on your street or take a group to the local ice skating rink? Other parents will thank you and the kids will never forget your kindness.
  • You’re likely not the only work at home business owner in your neighborhood – why not host a local social event for other solopreneurs like you? As you’re mingling at your event, you might even find a new service provider or partner for a future venture.
  • Get your local newspaper to join you in raising the profile on local entrepreneurs. Call up your local business reporter and suggest they do a story on the impact of entrepreneurs like you on the local economy. Newspapers are desperate to find ways to show their relevance to their audiences and here’s a story that only they have the ability to promote effectively at the local level.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They aren’t always saving people from burning buildings or making the evening news. Instead they are real people like you–working happily one day at a time, from home offices across the nation and making a positive difference in their families and in the towns and regions where they live.

You’re that hero!

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