Twenty-Five Social Media Websites We Can’t Live Without

Social media can mean a variety of things to many people. Below, we offer twenty-five social media websites and blogs that although very business-oriented or on the fun track of discussion, each share one element – express the need for great communication between each other and to help others understand and utilize the correct social tools.

Twitter: @mashable
RSS Feed: Mashable
Among the most respected teams online to create and manage a social media website.

Twitter: @chrisbrogan
RSS Feed: Chris Brogan
Top-shelf guidance, just like a fine liquor, to individuals and businesses alike.

Twitter: @chrisgarrett
A wealth of experience using social media to build a better presence online.

Twitter: @copyblogger
RSS Feed: Copyblogger
Explodes with resources on using the right words to help you increase traffic and gain subscribers.

Twitter: @problogger
RSS Feed: ProBlogger
Learn to create and grow a better blog through strong placed content.

Seth is the lead vocal in the great choir of marketing. When Seth speaks, or writes, millions listen and read.

Twitter: @garyvee
A leader on how to utilize social media tools to take your business and build to the next level.

Twitter: @scobleizer
RSS Feed: Scobleizer
Read “Exploring the 2010 Web.” Literally, breaking down old walls to build new life again.

Twitter: @scottmonty
Ford’s Social Media guru, Scott has touched us all. Creating lively stories from daily events to teach anyone to network.

Twitter: @mackcollier
Mack’s motto, “Don’t focus on the tools, focus on the connections that the tools help facilitate.”

Twitter: @ducttape
Award winning social media publisher John Jantsch is a top resource in small business marketing.

Social Media Explorer
Twitter: @jasonfalls
When you see the words “social media innovation” on a blog, you should stop and subscribe!

Twitter: @rww
RSS Feed: ReadWriteWeb
A collaborative team filling the web with a treasure trove of posts geared towards tools used daily in social media.

Twitter: @chrispirillo
RSS Feed: Chris Pirillo
A man of many face, Chris takes the business out of social media and makes it entertaining to learn.

From creating strategies to implementation across the board, Social Media Today is your how-to in social media.

Twitter: @byosko
RSS Feed: Instigator Blog
Benjamin Yoskovitz focuses on creating a strong foundation using the right social media tools to get the job done.

Twitter: @soshable
RSS Feed:
Have your cake and eat it too! Soshable gives you great social media headlines to create your discussions.

Twitter: @lizstrauss
RSS Feed: Successful Blog
Bringing together like-minded bloggers to give each the opportunity to collaborate on business and social media.

Twitter: e2conf
A central spot where information is dispersed on how to utilize proper tools to make individuals more productive.

Twitter: @geoffliving
RSS Feed: The Buzz Bin
The Bin’s focus is to help individuals and companies embrace the forward moving motion of social media.

Twitter: @caro
Fun informative blog that gives you the meat and potatoes of social media in a gossip-chic sort of way.

Twitter: @culturebuzz_com
RSS Feed: Culture Buzz
Culture Buzz finds, posts, and chats about all the hot campaigns deserving some buzz. Happening Now!

Twitter: @armano
RSS Feed: Logic+Emotion
Armano is a true communicator and focuses on creating “one”, by bring people and brands together.

Focusing on how to build value through communication. Check out the New Media Equity flow chart on interaction.

The collective focus is to build a bridge between people and ideas using social media.

Count them – twenty-five blogs to help nurture and entertain your social media curiosity. Do you have a favorite social media website or blog not listed? Leave a comment and share in our discussion.

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  1. says

    WOW! What a list. I’m only familiar with a couple of these sources, so this is really good stuff for me! Will be great for the next day I have time to do some research! Thanks!

    Debbies last blog post..Recipes, Cookbooks, and Organizers – Oh My!

  2. says

    Thank you for including Instigator Blog on the list. Although my site has focused of late more on startup-related information, I can’t help but keep a significant toe in the social media waters. Especially because social media-related content, experimentation, etc. helps w/ the startup world as well!

    Ben Yoskovitzs last blog post..The Definition of Us

  3. Christine says

    Terrific list! Lots already in my Google Reader – a few more to add.

    Christines last blog post..Communicating Effectively With Off-Shore Service Providers