Are Men Babies When Sick?

High fever…body aches…trips to the bathroom.

Men Are Babies When Sick
It sucks being sick, there is no doubt about that. But why do women always claim that men are such babies when they are sick?

I’ve been sick for the last few days – I’ll spare you all of the details unless you really want to hear them – and I don’t think I have been acting like a baby at all.

However, last night my wife was talking to a friend on the phone who was asking how everyone was feeling as she knew the flu (or something) had been running through our house. My wife responded that everyone was feeling better except that I still thought that I was on my deathbed.

Where does this perception come from?

Many women believe that the men in their life whine and moan about feeling so terrible when all they have is a simple cold. A few sniffles and a slight fever and a man becomes a quivering lump on the couch that can no longer even wipe his own nose.

Since I have been sick – which has been much more than the sniffles and a slight fever – I haven’t been whining or moaning about anything yet my wife has a different impression.

Where is the disconnect?

When men are sick they tend to lie on the couch or bed and turn into a giant lump that might not move for hours while watching reruns of old cartoons and bad sitcoms – all while groaning, moaning, and whining about being sick.

When women are sick they usually still care for the children, cook dinner, do the laundry, clean the floors, and every other task they perform on a daily basis.

At least this is what my wife tells me is the difference between when she is sick and when I am sick.

Go ahead and search Google for “men act like babies when sick” and you will see page after page of blogs and articles written by women about their boyfriends or husbands. Some feel it is a need that men have to be mothered while others think it is because men don’t have periods – umm, okay.

Now I’d love to go on and tell you all about why men are not babies when they are sick, but I’m getting a chill and have asked my wife to get me a blanket and something to drink before the next episode of Dukes of Hazzard begins.

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  1. says

    I find it amusing how often what we write tends to coincide. I have a little bit different perspective on the sick thing. My wife has a chronic illness and I get sick very rarely. I care for her a lot, but when I get sick, she rarely complains and does her best to take care of me. I guess I’m lucky that way. Perhaps she’s so nice because I try so hard to take of her when she’s sick.

    Cory Huff’s last blog post..Caring for A Chronically Ill Spouse

  2. says

    So . . . you agree that men are babies? The “period” thing is a comment that every month a woman feels “sick” so they learn to function through illness.

    As far as the overall perception I think some of it is because a man invades the “female domain.” If someone were to come to your place of work to receive pampering (however minimal) while doing no production would you feel that s/he was “bearing it all nobly”? I doubt it. Not that women can’t still be considerate and caring-after all she gets to stay home in her domain because her man goes out each day and works.

    liss’s last blog post..admiration: an assignment

  3. Derek Semmler says

    @Cory :: Thanks for sharing and I have to say that your post about caring for a chronically ill spouse was outstanding.

    @Liss :: Lol, some men are babies but I am no…ok, I am too. 馃槈

    @Damien :: Feeling better today so hopefully it is all over now – pass that piece of wood over here for me to knock on.

  4. Sarah says

    Men aren’t just babies when sick, they’re always babies. MEN SHOULD BE POWDERED AND DIAPERED, WOMEN SHOULD DOMINATE THE LITTLE BABY MEN!!!


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