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Guys (and ladies too), do you consider yourself to be a car enthusiast?

Some might say you are a car enthusiast if you have ever opened up the hood of your car for something other than adding fluids (note, I said adding not changing). My own definition of a car enthusiast is a little more discriminating than that.

You know you’re a car enthusiast when…

  • you’ve changed out your steering wheel
  • you can name more than three wheel manufacturers
  • you’ve added gauges to the interior of your car
  • you know why you added said gauges

I think you get the idea.

Undoubtedly, many of you are shaking your heads or raising your hand – you’re a car enthusiast.

Well, have I got a cool product to show you. Earlier today, one of my blogging buddies, David Pitlyuk sent me a link to one of the coolest child car seats that I have ever seen.

That’s right – a carbon fiber car seat modeled after the well-known Sparco racing seats that many of you enthusiasts may already have in your car. Take a look at this prototype and tell me it is not one of the sweetest things you have seen.

Carbon Fiber Car Seat
Carbon Fiber Car Seat

This seat, designed by Rory Craig, is a prototype but I can see something like this being a huge hit with the car enthusiasts. Even the proposed name is a great fit – Wing Man!

Jump on over to Carbon Fiber Gear to see a few more pictures and learn a little bit more about the creation of this carbon fiber car seat.

Thanks for the heads-up Dave!

Photo courtesy of Carbon Fiber Gear

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – Sneak Peek At New Season

With today being a day that many across the United States will be gathering in backyards to enjoy a variety of foods, drinks, and popular traditions, I thought it would be fitting to take a sneak peek at the new season of the show “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” that premiers on Monday, July 7th.

In the event that you are not familiar with the show, “No Reservations” is hosted by chef and author Anthony Bourdain as he travels the globe sharing insights into the food and culture of unique destinations. The sometimes foul-mouthed chef might rub some people the wrong way but he certainly does not shy away from the outrageous cuisine or experiences that he encounters along the way.

The new season kicks off with Bourdain visiting Laos, where he will discover exotic cuisines as well as a mysteriously haunting history. Take a look at the following sneak peek to see what else the new season will deliver.

If you’re a fan of the show, which airs on Monday evenings on the Travel Channel, you might also want to follow @NoReservations on twitter to stay current with news on the show or check out Anthony’s blog – although with less than one post per month there isn’t too much to follow there.

Given that Anthony recently had a baby daughter, it would be interesting to get an interview on work life balance from a world-traveler to give us insight into the man we see on screen.

Are you a fan of the show “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations“?

After celebrating a safe and happy 4th of July weekend (for those of us here in the United States), check out the new season on Monday and let me know what you think.

Warning To Moms And Dads: Summer Break Is Here

Give or take a few days or weeks, kids from here to there are about to bring the school year to a close and enter the dangerous time known as summer vacation.

Today is the last full day of school for our kids – they have to attend school tomorrow as well but only for a couple of hours to satisfy the state requirements. Even though our oldest son has a broken wrist, he and his younger brother already have grand plans for summer.

Hopefully our kids are still a little too young for what you are about to see, although they do have their own Flip Video Camera that they love to play with so we cannot be too comfortable.

As your kids begin their summer vacation, be on the lookout for any unusual behavior as you don’t want to find yourself on display at YouTube or Break like this mom. You have to give credit to these kids though as they pulled this off flawlessly.

Two Little Kids Prank Their Mom – Watch more free videos

To the kids everywhere, enjoy your summer but give mom and dad a break!

Great Source Of Recipes That Even Dads Can Make

Plenty of men are outstanding cooks, unfortunately I am not one of them.

My level of expertise with regard to cooking can basically be summed up by saying that if you spend enough time in the kitchen, eventually you will produce a meal that is edible – by someone or something.

Although my kids will tell you that I make the best box of macaroni and cheese within a 5,000 mile radius.

After a recent bout with an unidentified virus that would have killed the average man, last night seemed like a good time to punish reward the family with a home-cooked meal from dad.

Ok – I’ll be honest here – I was really just heading out to buy myself something for lunch since I finally felt like eating and thought that I better make dinner before my wife really does kill me.

A quick stop at the grocery store – since I had no idea what we had in the refrigerator or freezer – and I was ready to dazzle the family with grilled chicken breast, green beans, and some pasta.

Did I mention that almost all of my cooking involves the grill?

As I plowed a path through the snow drifts on the patio to reach the grill, I began to think that I should really go all out and do something a little different than the standard grilled chicken.

Turning to my friendly computer, I soon – defined as thirty minutes after being sidetracked by email – stumbled upon a great list of recipes for a variety of meals that appeared to be easy enough that even I could not screw them up.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the Recipe Center at Tyson Foods.

Thank you…thank you…please note the tip jar on the far counter.

Within mere minutes I had found the recipe that I would use for our meal – brown sugar rubbed chicken – and it even recommended the grill!

As a tip to all of you dads that are more the style of Chef Boyardee – such as myself – than the style of Chef <insert French name here/>, all you need to do is search for a recipe that has no more than five or six ingredients.

When you see a long list of ingredients just keep on moving – trust me.

Roughly 35 minutes – and one cut thumb – later, our family sat down to a nice meal that included brown sugar rubbed chicken, green beans, pasta, and some lightly baked Italian bread sprinkled with mozzarella and shredded parmesan cheese.

Of course the kids asked that next time I just make the macaroni and cheese!

5 Steps To Discovering Time Travel

Do you believe in time travel?

I never really did until just this week when I mysteriously discovered the ability to travel forward in time – although I only seem to be able to travel a few hours at a time.

By now you are probably wondering exactly what I have been smoking over the holidays or maybe you are thinking that I simply ate the sweet potatoes that had been left out too long on Christmas Day.

Time travel isn’t possible – or is it?

I’m about to share with you the five steps that I have taken to travel in time and I encourage you to try them yourself to see if you too can discover the ability to arrive hours into the future in a mere blink of the eye.

  1. Verify that your wife and kids are sound asleep for the night – time travel is possible while they are awake but it is much easier when everyone else is sleeping.
  2. Turn on your television.
  3. Attach a white rectangular device to your wrist.
  4. Press the small button with an orange glow located on a larger white rectangular box near your television.
  5. Sit back and enjoy.

By following these simple steps, I guarantee that you will find yourself three or four hours in the future in what seems like only a few seconds. Last night I began this process at 9:00pm and instantly I traveled in time to 1:00am before I was able to disengage from the white box.

What is that? You don’t have a white rectangular box near your television?

If you find yourself wanting to travel in time but don’t have one of these white rectangular boxes, I can share a secret codeword with you that should help you obtain one of the boxes.

Get your pen and paper…ready? Nintendo Wii.

You might have to wait awhile before you are able to find a store that will accept this secret codeword, as it seems there are quite a few dads that have discovered this secret of time travel.

If you find yourself longing for time travel and cannot wait until the secret codeword unlocks the portal to a new dimension, I’ve got a backup codeword that Cory Huff from A Good Husband recently shared with his readers – Xbox 360.

Just be careful if you decide to attempt time travel as it can seriously impact your ability to be productive. I’ve had a difficult time resisting the temptation to travel in time and that has resulted in a quiet week on my blogs.

You’ve been warned – travel in time at your own risk!

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