Guys, Are You Masculine Or Feminine?

Earlier today I was listening to the Covino & Rich Show on Sirius satellite radio and they were discussing how to determine whether a man displays masculine or feminine traits.

Here is one of the tests that they discussed to determine if you exhibit masculine or feminine traits…look at your fingernails.

Did you extend your hand out with your palms facing down or did you turn your palms up and curl your fingers towards you?

According to some – quite possibly just the kids on the playground at recess – extending your hands out with your palms down to look at your fingernails is a feminine trait, whereas curling your fingers towards you means that you are all man.

Using this test as a barometer, I am masculine.

If you extended your hands with your palms down, here is another trait to examine your masculinity – or lack thereof. 馃槈

How do you cross your legs?

If you’re sitting with one ankle across your other knee, you’ve got hair on your chest and you are masculine. If your knee is tucked tightly across your other knee, well…you might be more interested in the latest fashion trends rather than the score of the game last night.

Clearly these tests are just a humorous look at being masculine versus feminine, but it is rather interesting to look at and enjoy a little good-natured ribbing with your buddies if they have feminine traits.

While I “passed” these two tests of masculinity, I have to admit that I have received my fair share of teasing about something that people said was only for girls – pierced ears. As I sit here right now, I have three earrings in my ears and some people might say that is feminine. A guy with pierced ears is much more common now than when I first did it many years ago, but at no time did I ever feel feminine for having my ears pierced.

Last night my youngest son got his ears pierced. Some people might think that makes me a bad parent, although I would certainly disagree. Is he feminine now that he has earrings? Does it matter? My son is a free spirit with a long mop of hair that would prefer to rock on his guitar than watch the latest cartoon, although I’m sure the fact that his dad has earrings played a role in the desire to get his ears pierced.

Boys – not that it ever really ends as we get older – are regularly trying to prove their masculinity. When I am rough-housing with my kids, it is quite common for them to boast “I’m a MAN”. When a boy gets teased about being “girly”, more times than not it will result in a fight at the bike rack after school.

In the end, whether you exhibit masculine or feminine traits makes no difference in the person that you are – which is what is really important.


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    I get a little weary of some of the stereotyping BS, um, nonsense…

    One of my buddies is overtly “manly” with his son, insisting on things like, “Walk it off, boy. A little flesh wound never killed no man.” and “Guys don’t play with dolls.”

    Well, I beg to differ! I had several the classic 12″ G.I. Joe ‘action figures’ when I was a kid (jeez, doesn’t that date me?) and all of the accompanying trimmings, including the safari jeep and lots of different clothes. So, yeah, I guess you could say that I played with dolls. Dolls with kung-fu grip, of course!

    Does that put my dudehood in jeopardy? I think not!

    Were I to get a piercing, it probably would not be both ears, but hey, to each his own.

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    I cross my legs knee over knee – but call me out and I’ll show you how girly I am.

    I don’t really like the ear piercing thing, but it’s a preference that each person has to make on their own.

    Having taken a few sociology classes (making me an expert, trust me…), I think there’s a little more to this. I think it’s a good idea to have defined roles for men and women. Not that they have to be rigid and unbending, but defined roles help in relationships.

    Helen Andelin wrote about it in a very interesting way in her book, the Fascinating Woman. My wife writes a blog about it, and we talk about it a lot.

    So, I guess what I’m saying is that while the ear piercing, nail clipping, and leg crossing may be a little bit more important than we give credence to.

    Or, I could just be in a contrary mood.

    cory huff’s last blog post..How Does She Know You Love Her?

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    Though it’s worth thinking and humorous, I don’t think a man should get conscious of his traits at all. It does not prevent him from being happy throughout life.

    Like what your conclusion says, the most important is that you let the person (your kid, your friend, etc) to let them what they want to be. Sense of responsibility, respect, ethics and honesty are more important matters to discuss for a man.

    John Raul Joven II’s last blog post..Business Bloggers To Meet In Chicago Next Month


  1. […] To set the stage, I will remind you that my youngest son could be labeled as being a bit unique – he moves to the beat of his own drum. He is not one to follow what other people do, preferring to set his own path. He has his own unique style. While he loves to play sports and run around with his friends, he has a passion for dancing. He has long, skater hair and pierced ears. […]

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