If Women Find Bald Guys Sexy, Why Do Men Fear Going Bald?

Today is my 33rd birthday.

Being another year older brings many great fortunes, although it can also bring many things that we don’t want to accept. For many men, one of those things is the prospect of going bald.

Personally, I am not one that worries about losing my hair. As a matter of fact, I am to the opposite extreme in that I would actually welcome the loss of my hair.

The last 15 years have seen me chopping of my locks, moving from the clean razor shave through my college years to the closely shaved buzz that I fashion now. My years are catching up to me and my hair is thinning in a few of the common spots, such as the traditional area known as “the island” – you know, kind of like David Letterman.

Am I alone in embracing, if not encouraging, the loss of my hair?

Given the number of commercials and advertisements that I see for hair restoration products for men, I have to believe that I am in the minority. Spend an afternoon at a crowded public venue and you are bound to see more comb-overs than one should ever see.

Why do so many men fear being bald?

That is a great question; unfortunately I don’t think I have an answer for you. The question is even more perplexing when you consider the number of women that are attracted to a bald man. When I was in college, much to the chagrin of my girlfriend (who is now my wife), I can tell you that there was never a shortage of women that were attracted to my bald head.

In an effort to get a pulse on why men had a fear of losing their hair, I turned to a few people on twitter to get their thoughts. It should come as no surprise that the first bit of feedback came from a couple of women that had the following to say:

“Bald guys are sexy! Especially if they are confident. It’s the insecurity that sucks.”

– Michelle from Divine Purpose Unleashed

“I find bald guys to be attractive. It makes them stand out in a crowd, its like I see them first then everyone else.”

– Andrea from According to Andrea

See guys, I told you that women find bald guys attractive.

But what about the guys?

Unfortunately the feedback from guys has been rather minimal. Either that means everyone is too busy to respond, or they don’t care to discuss their thoughts about going bald. One guy that did respond, FrugalDad, had the following to say:

“No fear. If mine starts receding I’m buzzing it close and moving on. A little troubling for men to worry so much over hair.”


For whatever reason, men have a fear of going bald. There are a variety of reasons that play into this fear: perception that they are not as manly if their hair is falling out, fear of being viewed as old, or even just the unknown.

“Probably the initial realization that it was starting to happen. Uncertainty about what would happen. Whether I had options.”


Guys, as we often tell our young children, it is important to face your fears head-on. Often times we find that the thing that we feared the most really isn’t all that bad.

What I can tell you is that as I have aged another year, there is a little less hair falling to the floor when I shave my head – and I couldn’t be happier about that!

Embrace your baldness and look around, you might just find a few more women giving you the eye!


  1. Joe says

    Kevin made a true statement.

    Also, some men just don’t look good bald. An associate of mine with thinning hair once tried shaving his head, but it looked really bad, particularly since he didn’t have a smooth, round head. He had some knobs and bumps up there. Not attractive.

  2. Derek Semmler says

    Kelvin is correct, although the thing that makes me scratch my head is when the balding man clings to the little bit of hair he has left.

    Joe, you make a good point as some people do have oddly shaped heads. Fortunately I am not one of them, although I do have a big head.

    Thanks for sharing the additional insight guys!

  3. says

    My girlfriend is one of the bald guys can be sexy types, so we’ve discussed it before. After reading your post, I was motivated to just go for the gusto and bic it down. Then I went and started reading the comments and remembered that my head IS on of those knobby bumpy heads, and it probably WON’T look that good. So now I find myself in the last category again, clinging to the only “DO” I have left, the thinning buzzcut.

    Eventually enough will be enough and I’ll end up just going for the smooth shave. At least I’ll know who to turn to should I have any questions!

  4. says

    Bald guys are definitely hot. Don’t fear the head! We women do love bald guys, and I know that somewhere deep down inside, you don’t believe us, just like I don’t believe my husband when he says he likes me with a roll on my belly instead of perfectly buff.

    My hubby is getting a little thin on top and is thinking of making taking the Telly Plunge ( although he prefers to call the the Chris Daughtry).

    He wants to do it when he has a week off so he can grow some back if it is a mistake.

    I shave my son bald once a month and he really sports it. He’s ten, but he has a perfectly round head.
    Good post, wonderful blog. I’ll be back!

    Miss Suzys last blog post..The Starbucks Virus vs. the Idealist

  5. cliff says

    I think the fear may be a misplaced one. It is probably a fear of death and disease, since common sypoms of death and disease are to loose fur, teeth, etc.

    That fear is probably really low-level inside us, and when are hair starts to go, it do triggers it. We in turn probably incorrectly interpret it as fear of mating failure.

    It also reminds of us of aging and our eventual demise, which is never a happy thought.

  6. says

    I started losing my hair at twenty years old and It really made me insecure. Wearing a hat was an every day event. Until finally, I decided if a women does not want me for my bald head than I’ll find a women who would. This is the source of my confidence. To those men out there struggling with the same fears of rejection and insecurity simply embrass it some women will love u for u.

    Prince Morgans last blog post..It’s The End Of Summer – Back Up!

  7. Stephen Scott says

    Until very recently, I shaved my head bald. I too, will be turning 33 in less than a month; albeit, I came to this thread late.

    I grew my hair back because I made a move to a larger city, and some new friends claimed that I looked like a skinhead/racist. I found that annoying and eventually gave in, as I have a full head of hair…

    Anyway, women approached me far more often when I was bald. If anything, I got more attention without hair. On the minus side, the assumption, by some, that I was a neo-nazi was painful, and the work involved in being clean-shaven could get to be a bit much. It’s actually hard to maintain a bald head, not as easy as some make it out to be.

    I miss it though, and I miss the attention it brought from the ladies. All men should do it at least once.

  8. says

    I flirted with the idea of shaving my head for so long because i new that baldness was unavoidable and I am glad I did. I get many compliments from the ladies.

    typos last blog post..Yasmine Bleath

  9. lloyd dailey says

    i,am a 60 yr.old man and mother natire took my hair back when i was 21, she did,nt get much.at first i thought the world came to an end but with a little help from the women i went out with helped me with my confidence. right now i would,nt have it any other way. it,s been so long i forget what i looked like with hair.

  10. Imtiz says

    I don’t believe when guys say they get more attention with bald head, coz i know my wife does not like me being bald at the age of 30.

  11. samsonite from the briefcase says

    i’m 21 years old and am losing my hair. it isn’t really bad yet but i know someday its going to happen. I used to have great hair, i used to get alot of compliments about my hair. I have shaved my head before and i have a small head, and don’t feel i look the greatest with that look. im not sure what to do, i’m really insecure right now I usually wear a hat. im about to just say F-it and shave it off, take the initial crap about it and get on with my life. i think i’ll feel more confident that way.

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