Your Body Is The Foundation Of Your Life

I believe we were put on this Earth to make the absolute most out of the gifts we’ve been granted. To use these gifts as a way of bringing out the best in those around us.

Workout Motivation

Giving the very BEST of yourself begins with your body and health. As the above quote from Shawn Phillips states, “Your body can be a source of radiant energy, vitality, and joy… elevating your life and the lives of those around you.”

At first glance it may seem selfish when you take time away from your family, work, and friends to go workout.

But, in the BIG picture, it’s the most selfless act you can perform.

When you take care of your body and health, you have more energy, confidence, and zest. Because of this, there is more of you to give… and you are giving the very best version of yourself.

Exercise is a potent stress reliever. If I appear irritable or cranky, my wife tells me to go workout, because she knows I will return in a positive mood.

The gym is my serenity. It’s where I can tune out from the daily stress and become ‘In-Tune’ with my body. This heightened sense of awareness creates an inner peace, which grounds me and makes me realize what’s really important in life… such as father-daughter moments like this…

Workout Motivation

Working out may take 60-90 minutes away from my family… but by doing so, I am absolutely 100% certain that the time I do spend with the is the best quality time possible. I know that they are receiving the BEST of me I could possibly give.

So, go ahead… be selfish and workout. See the positive impact it makes on those around you.

Sculpt a Masterpiece,

Scott Tousignant

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