Increase Business Exposure By Hosting an Art Contest

Does your direct sales business offer any products that could be enjoyed by children? If so, host an art contest. Advertising the contest and the final submissions will increase exposure to your business.

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How to Organize an Art Contest

There are a couple different ways you can do organize it. You could host a local art contest at your home or local property, with permission of the property owner of course.  You could also open it up online to accept electronic submissions.  Host a Sidewalk Chalk competition and/or other mediums such as print ads, murals or posters.

Then determine what age group for whom you want to open the contest. If your company offers scented stuffed animals you could select a younger starting age than you could if you sell jewelry that may be more enjoyed by tweens or tweens.

Next determine the criteria. Make sure the contestants include your company name, website address and perhaps a slogan or product image of their choosing that must be included in their artwork.

If doing a Sidewalk Chalk local contest, set a date, make sure there is plenty of sidewalk space, supply the chalk and pray for good weather.  Provide simple snacks, such as lemonade and popsicles for all artists and have something available for the taxi drivers, i.e. adults who may likely accompany the minor and possibly shop at your open house or catalog party while their little Picasso is working on the winning entry.

Take lots of photos of the event and post the results online.

You can make it as simple or as complex as you want. You can have random, non-partial judges pick a winner or you can have the contestants help spread the word online with a voting (most likes wins) option.  Grand Prize would be a prize package of your company products or a gift basket.  Runners up could also win something and all other participants receive either a sample or coupon or some token award for participating.

Let your imagination guide you on how elaborate and widespread you want to organize your Direct Sales Art Contest. I would encourage you to use the artists to help you spread the word about your business.  Be sure to come back and comment or send links if you hold an art contest for your business so we can help spread the word.



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