My Husband Left And I Still Want To Stay Home!

I got a phone call this past week that broke my heart.  A new Work at Home Moms Talk Radio listener was reaching out for some encouragement and help – after ten years of marriage her husband left her with three kids and very little income.  The breakup was unexpected and she was in an emotional fog of fear and frustration. (Who wouldn’t be?)

Her business is product driven, she’s been creating her own stuff and selling it over the web for the last five years – really only earning a little ‘pin money’ that helped out with birthdays and Christmas. The potential of growing this business into something that supports a family is pretty small so she is going back to the drawing board.

The idea of having to put her kids in childcare while she takes a job breaks her heart.  Her only alternative – going to live with her parents.  Fortunately she has a great relationship with her parents so this option isn’t a dreaded one.

As we talked, it became clear that she would indeed have to pack up her household, store most of her stuff in her father’s pole barn and take up residence with them.  By securing a roof over her head and help with the kids – she can be more free to build a new business that will eventually support her and the kids.

Having been a single mom for 16 years I know it’s not easy – and I only had one child.  I was blessed to have an active child day care running when my husband and I seperated – so income was at least coming in.  It was still never easy.  If I could have moved back home with loving parents, I think I surely would have.

I think she’s making a good choice.  What do you think?


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    Absolutely she’s doing the right thing! I have a great relationship with my parents and I couldn’t have gotten through my separation if it wasn’t for them. I would have moved in with them if I could have but they just don’t have the room for me and two rambunctious kids.

    She really needs the support of her parents while she’s going through this rough period and I’m sure it will enable her to move forward and help her become able to support her family.

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    I was a SAHM for most of my marriage. I had only just started my business the first time my husband moved out, in May of 2007. I’d gotten my first major IC contract a week before he left. He was only gone 2 weeks that time, but left permanently in August 2007. I was barely making enough to get by. And I mean barely! The power got turned off for a couple months, then a few months the water got turned off for a couple months. I got eviction notices on three separate occasions, but luckily was able to get the money together to stay in the house.

    And now? Nearly two years later, we’re doing so much better! I still don’t make a lot of money, but I make enough to pay the bills, and we moved into a house that I’m buying on land contract.

    And every time I see him (which is very often, because now that we’re divorced we’re very close), I think him for leaving me. Because it was the kick in the butt that I needed to get my life heading in the direction I wanted it to head!

    It’s tough being a single mom, but we can do this!

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    That is such a hard place to be in, but kudos to the mom for seeing her way through her misery and wanting to create a business to support her family. If she can get along with her parents, then that is an ideal situation. My mom and I are good for 6 hours – but luckily she lives close by and I know she always has my back. I wish the mama lots of success and I hope she has a beautiful “reinvention” story to tell in a few short months. :)

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    Absolutely without a doubt! As a single parent of 2 for the past 14 years I fully embrace her decision. I went from a steady income one day to zero the next (though by voluntary resignation, not divorce) but still my drive to be home with the kidlets was stronger than anything else. Failure was not at option. This lady will heal and soar! She’s making the right decision.

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    She is absolutely doing the right thing. We all need help from time to time and if the relationship with her folks is good, then all the better! Her children will benefit from having the extended family and so will she. Her business can grow and they can grow together as a family unit.

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    One of the best things you can do is live with family while you are launching your business. That way you can reinvest most of your money into the biz, which is so crucial in the beginning.

    Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad) lived in his sister’s basement for over a year so that he could invest everything (time, money) into his book and business. All of the money you are paying on a mortgage and utilities can now go to start up costs.

    Sometimes people don’t maximize their business ideas and efforts until they really HAVE to. So she has all the reason in the world now and does not have to worry about being thrown out on the street. Yay parents :)

    Best wishes to her, may she continue to refine her biz plan, work hard and triumph over this temporary situation. May it bring out the best in her.

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig

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