Setting Yourself Apart in Direct Sales

Stand out of a crowd

There are hundreds of thousands of direct sales consultants. Within your own company there are likely thousands of fellow consultants, also known as competitors. What makes you special so that customers and recruits should do business with you?

Consider this: Quick, take 10-15 seconds to list as many toothpaste brands as you can. Tick tock … no, really, do it, now. (Insert Jeopardy music here). Okay, how many did you list? I’m guessing maybe three – five different brands. Did you know there are over 100 brands of toothpaste?

Think about why you remembered those that you listed. Those companies are clearly doing a good job with branding. Generally a company will set themselves apart by highlighting a particular benefit – they’re the most efficient, or the tastiest, or the longest lasting or most convenient, or most versatile or any number of factors. What most will not want to be known for is being the cheapest. Competing on price isn’t generally a good idea.

Now think about your own direct sales business.

While there is a corporate office and there are the products, essentially you are the company. You are the face that represents those products and that business opportunity. If you’re a real gem, customers will be pleased with the company. If you’re a doozy of a consultant, there’s a chance you’ve ruined the whole company for many customers.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Years ago I was a vendor at a small school craft show. I was minding my own business, standing in my own booth, working the crowd, sharing my candles, all was good. Then out of nowhere another vendor who was representing a cosmetic company approached me holding a jar of some lotion or potion. She walked up to me, started applying her magic goo to my face and said, “Here, this will help you with those crow’s feet around your eyes!”

Excuse me?! A. They’re called laugh lines, B. I frequently amaze people that I don’t look almost 50, C. Who are you to be touching me without my permission and D. What if I had ultra-sensitive skin and your potion would cause an allergic reaction?  How do you think I now feel about that particular company? Do all consultants do that? I don’t know. But I do know that whenever I see a consultant from that company I run the other way.

What sets that particular direct sales consultant apart from the others is that she’s known for accosting innocent people with anti-aging cream.

What do you do that sets you apart?

Not sure? Then how about considering what you can do? All things created equal, customers have no shortage of consultants from which to choose. Do you want to be known as A [your company] consultant? Or do you want to be known as Thee [your company] lady/man? I know instead of being referred to as “A Scentsy Consultant” I’d absolutely prefer “The Scentsy lady”. Do you see the difference?

Perhaps what sets you apart is that you have expert level product knowledge; or your customer service is second to none.  Maybe you always have product on hand so your customers know they can contact you on super short notice? Perhaps getting party bookings comes easily and naturally to you. Maybe you’re smart as a whip about compensation and policies. Are you approachable? Assessable? Friendly? Helpful? Authentic? Creative?

There’s something about you that makes you special. Use it to your advantage to set yourself apart from the competition.

See you at the top!


  1. Amber L. says

    I really needed this. I am in direct sales currently and really needed a little extra motivation. This article has helped me see I need to be setting myself apart.

  2. says

    This actually helped me come up with what my primary niche really is with my blogging avenue. I’m tired of being all over the place with it. I’m glad that I read this post. Your questions had me throwing out answers all the way through this post.

    Great job getting my mind rolling in the right direction.
    Crystal Green recently posted..Gateway to Summer Event GiveawayMy Profile

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